Hi someone must be out there that has found something to help with hot flushes/ pain etc that doent have the ingredients phytoestrogen or oestrogen in it and on tamoxifen if someone can help please message me thankyou x

Hi Tweety, I took Venlafaxine which really helped, I barely had a hot flush. My surgeon recommended it and I took it from the off. It’s an antidepressant and well known to aid hot flushes , a friend of mine is also on it to help her through the menopause and she finds it really helpful too xx 

Hi jobey68 I have been looking into this and don’t understand why my consultant haven’t mentioned it yet ! Only thing I can think of it’s because I can’t have anything with phytoestrogen or oestrogen in it …do you know if this has any in thankyou x

Thankyou so much for the information :slight_smile: x …I have been researching it all night lol …And I agree why I haven’t been offered is a question consultant needs to be asked next time i go which isn’t until September so will be seeing my own doctor before then as not going wait hot flushes are worse thing ever feel for all going through it :frowning: x …you take care and again thanks :slight_smile: xx