Trendco wigs Northumberland

I am so excited to announce, I will be now be a suppler for the largest wig supplier in uk and Ireland.
Currently they have 7 retail salons in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Mottingham, Edinburgh, hove and Liverpool.
Longframlington, Northumberland is soon to join that list.

Amy at cuts both ways is so excited to extend her knowledge In hair loss and the needs of all types of hair loss wether it be alopecia, chemo and lots more. We will be offering fiber wigs, human hair wigs also high tec high heat fibre wigs, which means you can style and curl and straighten them.

Feel free to come and book a consultation with me to look though our brochures and I can show you all the different types and explain which would be best for client in question, then go on to order fit,edit and personalise to fit your personal needs,
Prices all vary from £80 to £2,800.00.

So they arnt all expensive and out of your price range.

For 1 month only my consultations will be free, after this month they will be £30 and this £30 will be taken off the cost of the wig and after care pack you get.

I am hoping I will soon be on the nhs referral list for this and you can come to us with your vouchers.
I will keep you all updated. 


I wonder if I could have a consultation with you on the phone.  I dont live in Northumberland, but I am only 2 hours away.  I have already purchased some wigs, but I feel I could do better and wanted to try and get a few more.  Thanks:)