Trevor Sorbie 'My New Hair' Wigan and surrounding areas


Not sure if this would be of interest to anyone, but when I was going through chemo, like many of us, I really struggled with the loss of my hair, and although I did get a wig it was uncomfortable and I wasn’t really sure where to go for advice on cutting it etc

At the time even though my long term hairdresser was good, she cut my long hair short at the beginning then I only ventured back to a ‘normal’ salon when it started to grow back again.

A few months later she mentioned that their salon had joined the specialist team trained by Trevor Sorbie, who trains people to cut wigs, as I have been told that this is an art form in itself, this new service is called ‘My New Hair’ and has got some fantastic reviews. I think that one of its aims is to make clients still feel ‘normal’, each shop has a very special beauty room, if people want this, and I know that I would have used this service when I purchased my wig in order to get it cut correctly.

Sorry to have waffled on, but Lorraine my hairdresser has just contacted me to say that the man himself is coming to the Wigan area to give advice on problems that people are having when on chemo with regard to their hair and wigs and I wondered if anyone would be interested?

It is in Wigan at Elaine Stewarts on the 25th May between 10.30am and 1pm, when I can get further details I will post them. I am going to put up a leaflet in Whiston and Wigan Breast Clinics.

Debbie xx

Great idea to post this. I had my nhs wig cut at trevor sorbie salon in spring gardens, manchester, ladt year and it made a big difference to how it looked and the salon and staff were fantastic.


Thanks for that Vickie, I hope that others agree, because this service is so good for us all

Debbie xx

Debbie - thank you for the information - my Mum may have to have chemo soon and she is terrified about losing her hair so this is something positive I can offer her.