Trial drugs

Is anyone taking part in the trial which uses the drug Exi-something?

Is it the TACT 2 trial?? Where they use Epi???


Yes, it is, and I am wondering if anyone has had this treatment and what sort of side effects or results they have had, and if bad side effects, any help that could be offered.

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Hi Siboney,

I’m on the TACT2 trial and have only 4 weeks to go… If you decide to go onto the trial, you get put on one of 4 chemo regimes… decided randomly by a computer… no choice. I drew the 3rd arm, which is 4 cycles of Epirubicin, i.e. every 3 weeks, followed by 4 cycles of Xeloda tables (capcetabine)… don’t worry, the words soon trip of the tongue! With the Epi, I was sick the day following the chemo, then took a couple of days to function normally. What you’ll find by reading the various threads on this website, is that everyone has different side-effects, partly determined by what drugs they’re given, but it varies a lot from one person to the next, who may be on the same regime. You’re given anti-sickness drugs to stop you being sick… I was just unlucky. Try not to think that you’ll get all the symptoms… you won’t!!

I had a few mouth ulcers, but again the hospital give you the appropriate medication. Some funny tastes in the mouth and a change in taste a bit. Many people comment on the fatigue, but I seem to have been lucky and that’s not been a problem… some tired days, but generally OK. I chose to keep working as much as I could during the treatment, albeit maybe at a steadier pace, but it was right for me… gave me something else to focus on and kept some kind of normality in my life. Each to their own… Sadly I did lose my hair, but not everyone does. A few days after the second dose… I wear a wig, which most people don’t realise and are shocked if I do decide to tell them my situation.

As for the tablets, much easier than the intravenous… 50% of those taking them evidently suffer from diarrhoea, but again that’s not been a problem for me. I have had the “Hand Foot Syndrome”, with tender soles of my feet, a couple of blisters and right now a slight infection in the toe nails… yuck! Also finger tips have been a bit sore and cracked, but nothing I can’t handle.

You’ll find a lot of good advice on this site, but I’m careful about what I read and when, as I like to keep as positive as possible in my own wee bubble.
There’s lots of good info out there… if you want to read more about the TACT2 trial, go to and look under trials. It’s the one comparing 2 and 3 weekly intervals between chemo doses with Epirubicin and Xeloda (capcetabine)

Good luck with it all… hope that gives you some useful tips… look back on some archive threads and there’s plenty advice on how folk have coped and good practical advice from those who have been there! Sorry you’ve had to join us…
All the best


p.s. is another good forum

Many thanks AliS

Such a help to know someone has gone through this treatment and to know what might be expected. Best wishes to you, and thanks again.

Hi Siboney,

apologies for not gettin back to you sooner! I took part in the TACT 2 trial recently. I was selected for arm 2, which was accelerated Epi followed by standard CMF. I started it in May and finished just over 3 weeks ago.

It was great to be honest, the care you get and follow-up you will receive is awesome. I had 12 infusions in total and I have to say the time just flew by!

Take care,