trial stopping arimidex. Advice please.

Saw my Onc this week. I’m 2 1/2 yrs post treatment and have been taking arimidex for about 2 yrs. Oginally i took tamoxifen but was switched as I take SSRi (only after i kept asking about link).

Onc said I am suffering from extreme fatigue. I have a busy job and can only cope by shutting down my life to work and short family time in eve before i fall into bed. No outings at weekend or evenings out. I do exercise, try to eat well etc. I feel like I’m struggling through quick sand along with muscle pain. I can cope with hot flushes by putting up with them and colleaguse ignore sweat running down my face!

My dilema is … Onc has suggested 3 months without arimidex to see if I feel better. I month to clear system 2 further months to see if any improvement isn’t placaebo effect. So how risky is this? 3 months without the pills could this increase my recurence risk? Onc was running late and I didn’t ask him all these questions as I knew he had seriously ill women who maybe had just been diagnosed etc.


Can you contact your oncologist with your questions ? Perhaps ring the oncology department or ask if there is a contact number or email for the secretary as you have some questions you didn’t want/forgot to ask because you were aware of the time restraints.

I’m in a different position in that I have bone mets. I went on arimidex 2.5 yrs ago but have to have zoladex injections too to supress my ovaries. Although I was getting a lot of bone ache and stiffness, the hot flushes were driving me nuts, I couldn’t sleep, was completely exhausted and at the end of my tether so I asked about having a couple of months break. Onc basically said not advisable as I was 100% ER and PR+ and at such high risk of further spread, even a month off was risky. I went on prozac to help me.

This probably isn’t of much help to you but I’m basically saying go with onc’s advice as long as you trust them. I trust mine 100% and am happy to go with whatever she recommends - she’s got me this far!!

Good luck and best wishes for some improvement for you - the constant fatigue is so draining.

thank you for taking the time to respond. Good to know someone else has the same problems as my overwhelming fatigue seems to be treated with surprise by some Drs particularly the GP. I think I’ll give my BC nurse a ring and talk to her.