Trigeminal Neralgia and Herceptin Treatment

Hi Folks I am new to this breast cancer .org  but have a great question maybe someone can answer.

I had a very small tunor removed from my left breast is the milk duck. very small. I have gone through my chemo through my port. I want to know does anyone have TJM and was treated with Herceptin. MY doctor told me that it effects the veins somehow but not the nerves. However aren’t the nerves intertwined with the viens in your face?  I know the nerves have a taflon like material that wraps the nerves, however as you get older the teflon starts to wear out. I am 64 and already had surgery removing a benign tumor of my 5th cranial nerve. A vein was wrapped around the nerve and the surgeon had to unwrap the vein from the nerve and put a teflon like material around the nerve. Tumors gon but still have tjm. 

Any Comments/

Thanks Robin

Hi Robin


Is this TMJ or something else?  TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint Syndrome) and I suffer from that and facial pain & have arthritis in my neck & jaw.  I also had Herceptin.


I take a cocktail of drugs for the TMJ and facial pain & headaches.  I don’t remember it being any worse around the Herceptin time though.


Amitryptilene if great for nerve pain.  I’ve been taking it since 2007 now.  

My husband also suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia & he takes a stronger cocktail of drugs for pain.


Hope that helps.