Trinny, Susannah and Froso

Trinny, Susannah and Froso

Trinny, Susannah and Froso Just been in floods of tears watching ‘Trinny and Susannah Undress’. I’m sure there will be lots of us in the same boat!

Not sure if Froso is a member of the forum, but if you are, Froso you have inspired me to show my latest scars to my boyfriend! I had my second mastectomy and reconstruction in May and up until now have been covering up with underwear/nighties but now I’ve decided to be brave!!

Thank you!


boo hoo from me too… Hi Helen,

I cried throughout the whole programme. When Froso and Brian went behind the screen and Froso showed her scar I was beside myself.
I also cried buckets last week during ‘what not to wear’.

In fact, I seem to spend most of my time crying at the moment, I’m coming up to the first anniversary of my mastectomy and it’s ‘breast awareness’ month again.

Does the emotional pian of all this never go away?
Love to you all,
Flora xx

Hi Helen,
I must admit to shedding a tear or two, it was very emotional and certainly struck a chord with me. I had a mastectomy in april this year and although my husband has seen the scar I’m very uncomfortable about undressing in front of him. As time goes by I feel worse not better about myself and can’t wait to have a reconstruction.
It’s great to hear that you’ve been inspired to bare all so to speak. Are you pleased with your reconstructions?
Take care

Floods of tears too!! Hi Helen,
I cried all the way through the programme too, ( husband thinks i am mad as usual!!) I just felt for Froso so much. It made me feel so lucky that i have been confident with undressing and showing my scar. I can’t usually stand Trinny and Suzannah, but well done to them for the help they gave them both. Although was it just me or did Suzannah seem to be wearing a particulary low and revealing top as if to say look what you haven’t got!!??
I missed What not to wear last week, how did others find it?

Hmmm… Didn’t see the programme, but just remind me- why would you want to do all this personal stuff on the telly?

Yes - I too sat in floods of tears throughout the programme. I had chemo yesterday so I was not at my best! As soon as breast cancer is mentioned, it seems to hit a nerve.
I felt very sorry for them both, but I certainly could not go public with such a personal and sensitive subject.
I had L mastectomy in May with immediate TRAM freeflap reconstruction. My husband Kevin was peeking at my new boob before I dare look! He couldn’t wait for my dressings to be changed so he could inspect the surgery! He changed my dressings after I got home.
I had to wear support bra and pants for 3 months day and night after surgery - very sexy! Then I lost all my hair - even more attractive!
Kevin and I had always slept naked so when the 3 months were up, I asked if he would rather I wore something to cover my scars. He said, ‘You silly girl - its all part of you and its you I love.’ More tears!!
I feel extremely lucky to have someone so loving and caring. We have always been open and honest with one another.
My advice to anyone who is hiding their body is go for it - you have probably been through hell and you should be proud of yourself. I am very pleased with my new boob and my scars are fading well.
Back to the programme - yes, I think Susannah was very insensitive - she seemed to be showing even more than usual!
Gor for it Helen - be brave!
Pam x

Been there Hi, I was emotional watching this programme, and my thanks go to Trinny and Susannah as they have never been known for their sensitivity, but really kept this one together. I know how Froso felt at the time I got mine done, especially since I got bilateral mastectomy, although I got reconstructed at the same time, 6 years ago, it was less traumatic when I undressed in front of my partner, who has been with me for 8 years.

But unfotunately last year I had to get the implants removed due to severe infection, it was then that I had become nervous at undressing in front of him, as I was boobless.
I watched his eyes when I undressed, to see where they went when I took my prosthesis off. For a while he looked at my face, until I asked him why? He said that he didnt know how I would react if he looked at them, would I think that he was staring and what he was thinking. We then sat down and discussed what we both felt, and it was a great help. It gave me such reasurrance that he was in love with me and not my appearance. He also said that before I got my mastectomy, my boobs were painful in areas, so he said that he never touched them in a while, But now he has fun massaging my prosthesis when I wear a t-shirt, as they feel just like my boobs did - minus the pain!!!

After this day, and now for the past 18 months I have been walking freely in the house without my prosthesis, and he kisses my scars like he used to kiss my boobs. He also said that he never was a boob man anyway, he preferred my bum and legs, and said that that would be a different story if I got anything done to them!!

He also did say that he hasnt a perfect body, and I love him for who he is and not for his appearance.

Having this discussion certainly helped me get through my body image, and now I feel dressed when I put my stick on boobs on, just like I used to feel dressed with my mascara or lipstick on.

I also daily keep looking at myself in the mirror naked, and saying how beautiful I am to me, and how great I look. This does help me, as I dont want further reconstruction surgery, and I have now accepted my body the way it is now, although if I can just get the lingerie sorted out - but that is a different story and getting there.


I couldn’t watch it I couldn’t watch it though my husband sat and watched it, which I thought was a bit strange, he did say “arn’t you watching this” I told him no as it was too raw.


Didn’t see the programme, but hubby watched it Hi puppydog - your posting left me with goosebumps up my arms - what a wonderful partner you have, not only to be able to discuss the question of mastectomy, but also for being there for you and making you feel “whole”. He is truly a gem, and please tell him I said so!
Don’t know if you get the ghastly Daily Mail - but we do - gives a quick oversight as to what is going on in the world - there is an article in there today about 4 women who have tested various bras after mastectomy, and some of them have found them pretty, and comfortable.
Just keep your spirits, and self esteem, up; you are coping wonderfully. You seem to have the right take on life that we all need when dealing with this pernicious disease.
Take care,
love, Liz.

wasn’t it sad! hi helen i watched the show last night and cried my eyes out too! just when i thought i was being really brave about my mascectomy, as i havn’t really been upset , yet last night brought it all back to me and i was in floods of tears, i think it was more about the relationship part of it that was upsetting, i felt like a freak the first time i showed my husband yet he was’nt bothered he loves me for me not my body,i must admit i feel more like a freak with bumfluff hair! ive showed him bits of my bald head but i cant quite bring myself to whip my wig of totally, i go to bed with my bandana on i dont want him waking up and then having nightmares"“”. he says hes not bothered and he still loves me but what else can he say? surely they cant find you very attractive one boob, bald head, pasty looking form chemo. anyway it sounds worse than it looks and were still intimate so there must be some truth in what he says!! take care all xxx suzee

me too!! God yeah a real emotional one, I had my mother staying with me for a hospital appointment and we both watched it. Fought really hard to hold in the tears, it gave me a real lump in the throat! i think she found it really emotional too!

Found it really difficult at first to show my boyfriend. But was happy that his reaction was one of facsination rather than disgust. He was also really impressed with the neatness of the scar, compared to a surgery he had as a child.
Now i have no quarms about undressing and rubbing oil into my scar in front of him. Luckily i was small up top anyway.

Have yet to have my chemo, the hair loss issue i feel will be a more of a challenge for me. fingers crossed the cold cap works!

Lisa x

just wanted to say i watched it too! i too cried my heart out, my husband works nights and so i was alone, but what made me cry was how their relationship has worked out. i dont think that the scar is always the issue, i remember my hubby not wanting to come near me as he felt i was too delicate (size 16 i doubt that!!) i think its all the emotions that come with the disease. i asked him if he was scared i would die and surprisingly he said yes and that he could’nt bear me not being in his life! this totally shocked me as before all this we did’nt have the bestof marriages, i think this has just put our lives into perspective.
my hubby has seen it all and i’m proud of it (he had to help in the shower straight after surgery bless him) my two sons see it and think its fine, its part of me and part of my life! i’ve shown all my friends and family too, i dont think we should be ashamed! its a reminder of how precious we all are! dont get me wrong, i was so worried that hubby would hate it, but hes fine with it (or so he says!)
claire x