Triple Neg @ 40

Hi Everyone,


This is my first post here. Back story:  Found a lump on my left breast on my first day of my period last July. Booked a GP appt, who reassured me it appears superficial however referred me to the breast clinic. Had my breast clinic appt and they took biopsies. Tbh, I sort of had an intuition that it is cancer. Saw my breast surgeon Wednesday who confirmed my suspicion that it is breast cancer triple negative with lymph node involvement 1.5 cm lesion. Nuc Med Full body, U/S and CT scans were clear. It was still a shock as the surgeon just blurted out, “You have got the cancer.” However, as I sort of knew, my husband and i cried then picked ourselves up and sort of went on autopilot really

The plan is chemo - surgery - radiotherapy. 

I am coming to terms with it and will do what I can to prepare my body for the fight. We have a daughter who is due to start university this year as well as a football and fortnite mad 13 year old boy. They’re both expensive to keep so this year better hurry up, LOL. The children are aware of my diagnosis and have been very brave. We will be booking an appt to speak to the headmaster and form tutor next week.

Workwise, I am a scrub nurse so I’m a bit gutted that even if I can manage the side effects of tx, occu health has suggested for me to be on the admin/documentation side. My husband’s family have been really supportive although some members of my side of the family who are also in the medical field are urging me to get a second opinion (they don’t reside in the UK so they don’t understand that MDT’s here can sometimes comprise of 15 experts). I also told my closest friends who were all shocked but majourity of them have been amazing, so far, I had 3 wagamamas bought by them, lol. 

Current feelings atm? Very anxious and I panic at every little ache or twitch that I feel, I feel like there is an alien harbouring my body. I use to love afternoon naps when I’m off work and the kids are out and about, Now, I’m literally awake from 0500 AM til late! I feel like I need to make the most of my remaining days prior to chemo as it will be temporary new normal for 6 months.

I do hope to meet new friends here, for keeps!


Thanks for reading (yep , I love to talk),

Anna :slight_smile:


Hi Anna,

A warm welcome to the club we wouldn’t want to be in, but glad you found us. 

There are quite a few others here in a similar position to yourself, so you’re certainly not alone. Getting diagnosed is a huge shock & what you describe is common to all of us here. 

Do look at the ‘going through treatment’ thread where you’ll find the monthly chemo threads & will be able chat & get support from others where you are now, as well as those further down the road. 

You will find that you’ll get views & opinions from others, who although well meaning, do not necessarily appreciate what it’s about, but we ‘get it’ here & between us, have been through everything that bc can throw at us. 

Do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.  

ann x