Triple negative - 4th time

Hi all… I am just diagnosed with 4th triple negative BRCA1 cancer. My journey started in 2018. when doctors ensured me that the lump
I had on the left breast was fibroadenome. It turned out (4 months later) to be TNBC, which grew up to 3 cm, gone to lymph nodes etc… after chemo, surgery (mastectomy) and rads I was ok for two years.

Then, my ca 125 gone high, and i was diagnosed with left ovary metastasis, and at the same time right breast cancer. Gone through surgery to remove my ovaries. Got 4 rounds of carboplatine, which also downsized breast tumor, had right mastectomy, with reconstruction. No rads.

One and a half year later, im again presenting with lump on right side alomgside the silicone implant, the same spot as last time, but, infraclavicular nodes were suspicios and turned out to be also cancerous, biopsy confirmed.

Radiologist who took last biopsy took a look at my CT scans from April and October, and says that nodes are visible back in April, but no one saw it back then.

Organs seem to be ok, my ca 15-3 is very low, last CT was at the end of October… My oncologist wants PET scan, here in Croatia it’s impossible to have it sooner than 3 weeks…

I also have breathlessness (while sitting, not while walking, im actually in a pretty good shape, can climb mountains) and i’m so afraid that PET would reveal something else in my lungs :woman_shrugging:t3: and that they wouldnt want to send me to surgery. I think that my breathlessness is related to my implants which never fully fit in and I have chest pain on both sides from start…

Sorry for the long post and i’m also not native english speeker… i’m 36, have a son of 7 years, and sick and tired of TNBC, just looking for some good news and similar cases which turned after all fine…


Hi @ivana,

Welcome to the forum, we hope you find it a helpful and supportive place. I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through, the wait for scans and results can be unbearable when you’re already feeling anxious.

I am sure someone will be able to share their experience with you. In the meantime please know that our nurses are here for you any time on the forum Ask our Nurses your questions. Please also do have a look through the various boards and topics to find those going through similar experiences or for places you may be able to share your experiences and knowledge.

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Sending love,

Alice :heart:

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Hello Ivana,

So sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to reach out. I have TNBC and carry the BRCA 2 gene. I recently had a double mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction and currently waiting on pathology results from the lymph nodes that were taken during surgery. I will hopefully have an appointment in the near future for salpingo-oophorectomy. Sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes. Let me know how you’re getting on.