Triple Negative and hormone receptive at the same time

Hi, I was diagnosed just before Christmas 2018 and had a mastectomy this January. At my follow up appointment with the surgeon I found out that the largest tumor was triple negative but results weren’t back on the other one. Yesterday I found out that the smaller one is hormone receptive. So I had two types of cancer in the same breast at the same time. Has anyone else had this? 

I had just got to grips with the triple negative and now this. I feel like I was just destined to have cancer and it’s scaring me. Any words of wisdom, reassurance or advice would be very welcome. x

Not the same, but I had invasive lobular in one breast and invasive ductal in the other. They had the same hormone receptor status though. You do feel part of a very exclusive group having more than one at once…

All the best

Littlebird, I have heard that there are some very different cancers about, and you are obviously a very special lady! I met a lady at my local Maggies Centre who was diagnosed with one type of cancer, then after treatment was told it had changed! When my lymph nodes were removed I was told they exhibited the same cancer as my breast tumour. This was the first time I really understood the complexity ( and deviousness) of the little blighters. All a bit difficult to take in when you are trying to get your head around having BC. I am sure you’re medical team will have encountered this before. Good luck with the treatment. X