Triple negative and menopause treatment options

Hi there,

Im happy to say that I finished my treatment for triple negative BC exactly one year ago. I also tested positive for BRCA 1, so had my ovaries removed in August. So while I’m delighted that I’m currently out of the woods re cancer, I plummeted head first into menopause. 
I want to ask the group / nurses what is the guidance re HRT as a treatment option? Given that triple negative is not driven by hormones, is HRT an option? 
if not are there other options? 
thanks to any advice x

Hi Felippe,

Firstly good news that you’ve completed your treatment a year ago :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry that you’re now going through menopause at a rapid rate  … To the best of my knowledge, regardless of which type of B.C you have had, Dr’s are loath to prescribe HRT…

I had my own initial TNBC diagnosis early this year, and had to immediately stop using HRT …  

Maybe worth exploring more natural type alternatives ?

Wishing you continued good health, Xx