Triple Negative BC - chemo killed all the cells, now I have BRCA1 - whats next?

Hi all,

I found a lump last year and underwent screening in June with mammogram and ultrasound, was told it was a cyst and all was fine. Over the next few months, I felt as though it had grown and in November got a referral back to breast clinic. On 27th November, everything changed to be told it was 75% cancer. The roller coaster started there, from being told it was triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma but caught early.

I had 2 lymph nodes removed and they were clear. I started chemo on Jan, 3 rounds of FEC, followed by 3 cycles of T. During all of this I endured the cold cap and kept all my hair.  I had started the process of genetic testing since I was under 50 and there were some family history cases of prostate and ovarian on my dads side. Whilst waiting for the results, my surgeon said he could do a lumpectomy. On the morning of the surgery, I had a scan and a guide wire put in. The scan showed there was no tumour left. hooray!! Surgery complete and wait results of histology.

Histology showed all tumour cells killed 100% by the chemo and clear margins. Would you believe on the same day my genetics results came through with the confirmation of BRCA1. So radiotherapy cancelled and Its been just under a week to try and digest this, not really having the time to celebrate the all clear on the cancer as I now face double mastectomy and ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. I ahem a sister with 2 daughters and a son and I also have 2 daughters and a son.

Just looking for anyone who has been through this for help and guidance, thank you in advance, Alex xxxxx

Hi Alex, treehouse who was on May17 Chemo threads had positive genetic test too if memory serves me correctly, she went through double mastectomy and think she had ovaries removed too and came through everything well please do use the number on here and speak to a nurse and also the someone like me line too, they will be able to give you support and advise and options I was a tn but my gene test was negative. Sending Hope this helps you a bit :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi alex,

I hope you have got your head around things a bit more now.  Its such a lot to take in and deal with.  I have a mutation of the BRCA 2 gene, discovered in 2005.  I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who all tested positive.  I have a daughter, and several nieces and nephews, some have been tested, some have not out of personal choice. One of my nieces tested negative, the other, and my daughter both tested positive.  My niece is in her early 30’s and is well monitored at the breast clinic.  My daughter is 26 and has been told that she will be eligible for screening - MRI scans - when she is 30.  Its reassuring to know that thorough monitoring is available. I myself have been monitored yearly as I opted not to have a bilateral mastectomy.  I did have my ovaries removed though.  I heard awful things about surgical menopause but to be honest it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

Best wishes to you, and good luck with your surgery and treatment. x