Triple Negative, BRCA1 & HRT

Hi, I’m meeting my Onc. today and would like some advice please before I get there!
My cancer was triple negative, I have recently found out I am BRCA1.
I am getting my ovaries & breasts removed in the next few months.

I am 31 and really worried about the menopause, osteoparosis etc!

Will I be able to take HRT or is there anything I can use instead?

Thankyou! xxx

Hi Emma

I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘Ovarian ablation and suppression’ which you may find useful to read:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/85/

Best wishes

Hi emma,

Gosh you’re having a rubbish week aren’t you, didn’t realise you had your own onc appt too :frowning:

there’s another new thread an brca1and het just started by dancer, and I wondered if you’d spotted that? Lulu34 has posted a helpful response to a similar query to yours. Sorry I can’t be more help, good luck today


Hi Emma

My onc said she would not recommend hrt even though my cancer was not hormone receptive either. In her opinion I have shown a predisposition for cancer and hrt may just add fuel to the fire so to speak. So not worth the risk. I haven’t had a period since mid Chemo ( aug) and I do wonder if I am in the menopause or if they will come back. But all onc are different, yours might think hrt is ok.

Don’t know about the other things.

Hope you got more sleep last night.

Hugs Debx

I meant brca1 and hrt, blummin iPhone predictive text.