Triple Negative breast cancer diagnosis

Hey Everyone,

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative BC last November. I had my surgery first, and I have just finished 6 months of Chemotherapy. Next week I am going to have my radiation planning meeting at my local hospital, which will involve at CT scan and making up ready for treatment.

I just thought I would pop a message on here, to reach out to other women who have recently been diagnosed with Triple negative BC, or any other type of BC and see what there experience has been like, and how they are coping with all of the treatment, their diagnosis and how they are coping with just getting on with every day life ?

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Hey so I was diagnosed with tnbc this year 8 weeks ago in fact and have grade 3. So they have started me with 6 months of chemo first to shrink as much a possible then surgery around Christmas time. With radiotherapy and reconstructive surgery after. 
mum the first in my family to have tnbc and I have 3 other sister it’s never been on either of my parents sides of the family so was a bit of a shock when they told me on my birthday I’m not massively old I’ve just turned 35.

I’ve just finished my 8th round of chemo as I’m having aggressive chemo which every week for 6 months it’s driving me insane all ready but I know it’s trying to save my life!. I’ve lost pretty much all my hair already which if I’m honest was more of a shock then them telling me I have bc!. I’ve had mri as-well this week so see if chemo is working I’m praying is it as I have 3 children to look after 2 with additional needs so this mumma bear needs to fight to be fit and strong again…

All the medication you have to take along side it fry’s my brain aswel  always here if you need a chat or can email me directly ? sending lots of love and hugs your way 

sam ? xxxx

:heart:please keep off dr Google about tnbc, it’ll send you to orbit. A good book that helped me was surviving triple negative breast cancer by Patricia prijatel. The treatments are always changing and are tailored specifically to you :heart: but do join the chemo threads in here, there is a lot of current and completed treatment users here and we will always reach out with tips, tricks and support. Use breast cancer now and all it can support with as much or as little as you need :heart: I was tnbc at diagnosis in 2017, so hopefully that will give you hope :heart: take everything a day at a time a treatment at a time and do everything your way, what works for you to get you through di it :heart:??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Sam,

I am 47 with two girls aged 13 and 11 with exact same cancer as yourself, sending all my love to you. I’ve sent off for genetically testing as I’m not sure if anyone in my family has it either but I am doing some checks at the moment. 

I haven’t started chemo and immunotherapy yet hopefully starting in 2-3 weeks. When you say the medication that they give you frys ur brain, what do you mean by this exactly if you don’t mind me asking.

Also I’m trying to remain fit and healthy and currently still walking every day and doing weights twice a day in my garage/gym. I guess this won’t be the case for me very soon. Also is there any specific foods that you recommend eating to keep up your strength or what not to eat.

I hope you don’t mind me asking all these questions and understand if you don’t wish to reply.

Take care Kendal x

Kendal :heart: you can get what’s commonly referred to on here as chemo fog. I know a lot of us kept a notebook which we took to meetings with oncs etc with questions written down and we’d write down oncs answers. I also kept charts during chemo and wrote my temperature down on there and ticked off when I’d taken my meds and done white blood count wbc jab to boost neutrophils it just helped me during chemo :heart: hope that helps you a bit :heart:??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Kendal, wash your salads and keep off soft cheese during chemo, ask your onc at prep meeting what you should keep off there maybe things like turmeric etc that they recommend you refrain from too :heart: again hope this helps ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Thank you so much Shi, greatly appreciated ? x

Hi I have triple negative breast cancer too, I’m 38 and am still waiting on my genetic testing results. 6 weeks into weekly chemo, chemo for 6 months (once a week for 12 weeks, then goes to every 3 weeks) followed by surgery and radiation.

The weekly regime is starting to get to me a bit now, there aren’t that many good days or time to feel normal. I just feel odd all the time. That said I’m lucky I can work from home which I’ve been managing to do most days, and do a walk. Other than that I’m fairly pooped. 

I’m cold capping, I’ve lost quite a bit of hair but thankfully I have thick hair so it’s not showing yet.

The part I absolutely hate is the anxiety, ringing the help line with random aches and pains and hoping they’re not going to insist on a&e. It’s hare to know what’s just chemo or side effects or whats something that needs to be looked at. 

I was on the rapid response number like a bat phone during chemo, I was hospitalised for 6 days after first chemo, my wee burned but no temperature and it was an infection tgat needed antibiotics. I’m not sharing this to ?anyone just to say keep vigilant during chemo and check with your teams, a 2 minute call to check all ok is easy and peace of mind for you and helps your team get you safely through :heart: you do it your own way everyone on here does so you find your own path that gets you through your way :heart: however you want :heart: ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Thanks so much Shi :heart:

Hi there,

I’ve finally had my genetics results and all are negative for BRAC1 and 2 and PALB2 which is a relief for me and my two daughters. I’ve also been offered to test for further genetics so I have agreed to that.

The only question I still have in my mind is if this type of cancer is not genetic now for me then why do I have it, what is the exact cause or will I never know?

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks Kendal

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Kendal :heart: I didn’t have brca gene either when tested, I never looked into it so will be interesting if you find out anything or other forum members have any further information if they too were tnbc and not carrying brca gene. :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx


Thanks for your quick reply, I will keep you posted if I do find out anything further.
How are you getting on so far?


It’s good to share as much info as possible with bcn being open to the world it can get input from over the globe on treatments etc and sharing this can only help everyone :heart: I just enjoy ever precious second Kendal :heart: it teaches all of us a lot and enjoying every precious second is one of the many things it’s taught me :heart: hope your doing ok :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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I had genetic testing also and it also turned out to be be negative. Obviously this is great … though I was a little surprised as I have a primary relative who had 3NBC too. I asked my consultant why I had it and they said it was just bad luck.

I had a few risk factors like low body fat index, fibrocystic breasts and not had children but I’ve generally been a very fit and healthy person, exercise regularly, don’t smoke, barely drink. It is unfortunately one of those things… until they learn more I guess.


Hi I’m 60 with newly TNBC !!! Feel I’ve got the wrong one !!!
Awaiting my BRACA result and for lumpectomy first. Really struggling with insomnia and anxiety.
No history of cancer in my family at all, and it’s just blown me out of the water.



Please feel free to message me, im 51 and was diagnosed with TNBC in Jan.

Im awaiting chemo to start.

I also suffer with anxiety but have been doing some mindfulness and its really helped

All the best x



Welcome to the forum Caroline . When you know when your chemo starts you will get a lot of support and advice by joining one of the chemo starters monthly threads - this is the link Chemotherapy monthly threads . Best of luck with your treatment .


How’s you doing I have recently been diagnosed awaiting treatment plan tomorrow I recently turnt 40 I’m still awaiting the her2 result but it’s hormone negative and 33mm invasive ductal bc

Hello ladies! I’m 35 and I‘ve been diagnosed with the TNBC in January.

I have always been quite healthy (the worst decease I‘ve ever had in my life so far was a flu or food poisoning), never been to hospital. It has later transpired that I have the BRCA gene and it was always meant to happen. That was a bit of a relief, as it also meant that nothing I did was wrong. I was just born this way.

Interestingly enough, no females in my family had BC or ovarian cancer (so no family history there). It looks like I have inherited the gene from my father and he in turn did so from his father. Basically, the gene was bouncing around the bloodline for several generations up until it finally hit a female (aka me​:grinning:). In the family we were always joking that I must have inherited my breasts from my father, as I was the only female without a proper cup C equipment in the area :grinning: Alas, there was a grain of truth in it.

I don’t have children (I‘ve spent the last 10 years building a career in management consulting) but my husband and I decided to do the IVF before chemo. We were lucky to get fast tracked through the NHS and the first stimulation cycle was quite successful. I‘m aware that I still may not have children but at least I have a feeling I‘ve done what I could to give me the best chance.

I’m currently doing chemo, in the middle of cycle 3 of the weekly Paclitaxel / carboplatin / immunotherapy. It has been surprisingly ok so far but I can already feel the anemia settling in.

I‘m currently on medical leave but thinking of doing some work distract myself.

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