Triple Negative Breast Cancer feeling Positive

Hi All 

I’m new to this in TNBC and social networking too,

“This feels like offloading/sharing so why not. Forgive me if I don’t quite get this right.”

I’ve got/had TNBC Grade 3,Stage 2, invasive ductal carcinoma, total size 17mm with DCIS not totally sure how you put it? I’m post surgery (3 weeks) results of all cancer gone. 0/3 nodes with clear margins.(This is good news).

I was diagnosed in January 2023 after finding lump in opposite breast/nipple area.Confirmed by Nice Gp.2 week appointment letter received, appointment for following week. 
Hospital Day 1 Scan - no issue on right side, unfortunately we can see a lump/ thickness on left. 

Specialist said that it was definitely Bc could I hang around to end of clinic for biopsy. 
Biopsy done

Follow up appointment few weeks later confirmed Bc and was aggressive grade 3, stage 2, 

need to await type as not oestrogen positive. 
surgery was booked for end of Feb.

Lumpectomy with Lymph node biopsy. 

I Thought I understood what was going to happen.

Another week passed and I got call to say I was TNeg, but nothing changes in a surgical sense.

Hospital Admission

Surgery Day- Lumpectomy and Lymph Nodes x 3 removed Left side for testing. Op seemed to go as well as it could, sore but got home same night, I was happy to be home as was anxious about Op/surgery and hospital itself. I’ve got ptsd about hospital. I felt comfortable but vomited when I got settled home into my bed, antithetic and stress most likely, 
following day I had further vomiting and seriously bad diarrhoea, I kept drinking water and it passed after a full days rest in bed. I still felt little soreness in Breast but not too bad 5/10. 
I’ve since had bad nerve pain in my left side armpit and on skin like razors and my breast was hurting so much I was in and out of my Support bra every other hour I called my Gp as I thought it could be the start of infection? Thank goodness for a good Gp he sent me Penicillin, it’s been a godsend the pain, swelling and redness settled down a week later and I’m feeling much easier, i had to keep up with pain relief as still uncomfortable but manageable. Exercises completed everyday and movement is canny in my arm. 
I hadn’t really expected the arm issues to be honest as I hadn’t googled Lymph node biopsy and Specialist/Breast Nurse hadn’t explained it? I don’t understand why they didn’t and put this feedback to the Breast Nurse on my follow up appointment, mind affirming that I was cancer free and no Nodes affected by the cancer was I guess worth the pain and ongoing discomfort of nerve damage, I’m hoping that this will pass in time. 
I guess it takes time I’ve had days of crying for myself and my beautiful sons and Husband, my lovely family who also felt this pain and have all been affected, my wonderful friends who came and comforted me and my family. The experience is ongoing for me in so many different ways but it’s harder for many isn’t it Cancer an awful experience for all concerned. I’m just trying to be positive and enjoy life, my family friends and walking around Beautiful places while I can. I’m recovering from cancer. TNBC. I don’t want Chemotherapy. Just going to take Radiotherapy annual checkups Love & fresh air.

Love and Luck to all of you. I hope life is kind to you whatever treatment you have.

Sephine, if you think your natural lifespan could be above 10 years I think you need to rethink chemo with a triple negative lump. They tend to come back even without them being in the lymph nodes unless you do chemo. And chemo is the only treatment for them beyond surgery. So you would be putting yourself at a way higher risk of progressing to stage 4 without it. Stage 4 is not curable at this time although there are many treatments but it’s still not something anyone wants. Anyway just a word of caution and I wish you the best in making further decisions. Breast cancer really is an awful beast. 

Yep, I agree I’m triple neg clear nodes and margins, but I’m having chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in the hope of reducing my recurrence risk.
Even with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy the rates are still 17-25% in the 1st 5 year’s. So I’m willing to throw everything at it first time round xx

Good idea. The positive with triple negative though is it’s like the other cancers moreso with recurrence rates. Sure you’re higher your first five years but if you make it, you’re considered cured afterwards. Triple negative seldom recurs late…unlike hormone positive, the sneaky bas%ard.