Triple Negative Breast Cancer- mastectomy choice

Hi all


I have TN breast cancer.  I also have two very young children so I opted for a mastectomy to my right breast.  It wasn’t a tough choice, I wanted to reduce the risk.  At the time I didn’t read much about TN but now I have and I have terrified myself about the aggressiveness of it and the chance of recurrence.


what concerns me is that I had risk reducing surgery to the right breast to reduce my chances to 5% but that I am told there may be as much as a 16% recurrence risk in the left breast.  I am now considering opting for a mastectomy to my left breast.  Has anyone else faced this descision/worry please?  I am very concerned about it and long term being there for two very young children. 


Thank you.

Dear Cots

I am sorry that no one has responded yet.  Hopefully someone will be along soon to share their story and support.  In the meantime you may find it helpful to speak to one of our specialists on our free Helpline, 0808  800 6000.

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Hi cots,

I also have TNBC. My trust wouldn’t do a double mastectomy unless I were to carry the brca gene which fortunately I don’t.

I was first diagnosed September 2016, had a lumpectomy, chemo & rads. Unfortunately I had a recurrence last September & then a mastectomy. Even with the recurrence they wouldn’t do a mastectomy on the other side. They have said they will reduce that sudecwhen I have reconstruction.

Try not to read all the negative TNBC stories. I’ve not commented to scare you, I just wanted to say hello & to say that yes, if it was an option I would’ve had a double mastectomy. My youngest child is 10. Are you having chemo? Xx

When I was told I had TN I asked for bilateral mastectomy.
My surgeon said if the cancer is gonna come back it could come back anywhere so what other parts of you would you like me to chop out?

And by the way this had nothing to do the NHS saving money as I was being treated privately!

I believe there is a certain type of cancer that bilateral is recommended for but otherwise unless you have the Brca gene they don’t like chopping off healthy breasts.

Good luck today Cots. I’ve sent you a PM xx