Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Hi New to the site. Was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer in left Breast in May. had lumpectomy and a few lymp nodes removed then 6 lots of FEC chemo. Grade 3 measuring 3cm. Starting radiotherapy 1Dec. Any advice on moisturing cream to apply. I am hoping lungs and heart will be ok as my lungs were affected by chemo. I wish the very best to every one going throught treatment.

Welcome Butterfly1
I am also triple negative. I started rads today. Was advised to use aqueous cream only, up to 4 times a day, little and often better than slathering it on.
I got a big tub of it on prescription from the GP .
Advice is to keep it in the fridge as it is cool and soothing as the heat builds up.
Good luck.

Butterfly only use aqueous cream but some units will recommend not to use any as there isn’t actually any evidence to say it’s of benefit… Basically you will burn if your gonna burn… But don’t use any other products as some cam cause more burning of the skin as they can magnify the radiation.

You should get an advice sheet telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

Hope it goes well.


I’m being treated at the same place as Slendablenda and was told E45 or Aloe Vera if I burned!! So have been slopping that all over me today.

Have aqueous cream too. Will crack it open tonight!

Hi im tn too .Grade 3 .Diag 11th may had lumpectomy and 6 lots of ec. I was scared of rads affecting heart and lungs too.
I started my rads on nov 23 had 5 now. I got given aqueous cream by the rads team. So far so good. Good luck xx

A big thank you for advice on starting Radiotherapy and how to manage skin if I get a heat rash. Treatment will last 3 weeks. Is that the same for everyone? Great to hear from someone having treatment for Triple Negative. Good luck to all. Renewed thanks.

Hi All

I was diagnosed in Dec 2013, with a 4cm long tumour in the left breast and node positive.  I am being treated with chemo first to shrink the tumour before surgery and  to see which chemo options are effective for me. I am about 2/3 of the way through a clinical trial for weekly paclitaxel, which has shrunk my breast tumour size (yay!), but not my nodes yet (hmmm)  Will be on FEC (without the F) next, which supposed to be more toxic, followed by surgery then rads.  Anyone else on a clinical trial?  Wishing everyone the best of luck xxxx

Hi Cleo

I was diagnosed with triple negative in July last year. Main lump was 6.2cms which shrank down to 2.8 after chemo. had a number of satellite lumps as well. Have had FEC-T chemo, followed by mastectomy and removal of 5 nodes, then removal of another small tumor that popped up for good measure, then 15 rads.

I was given Epiderm cream for my skin during radiotherapy. Not on any clinical trial as mine was very aggressive and they really just had to get on top of it with tried and tested methods.