Triple negative breast cancers

Hi i was diagnosed with breast cancer on 22nd November 2023 and following a biopsy it was found to be triple negative the worst one apparently and not treatable. Following 2 operations January and February this year i got clear margins and was sent to discuss chemotherapy before radiotherapy. That didnt go well and i was told that I’ve got too many other things wrong and I’m too fat to be considered for chemotherapy. I was then sent a telephone appointment with radiotherapy and went for a scan where they clearly hadn’t read my notes a 1 hour appointment turned into 3 hours and i was given a date for my first session. I don’t think im going to have it because it can also cause cancer in a different area apparently and some of the side effects sound horrendous. Mammogram never picked it up even when the seed was implanted so im not keen on having another of those. The only thing that picked it up was ultrasound. The nurse that i saw in the beginning said the lump was nothing to worry about and was going to discharge me but i jumped and she said did that hurt i said yes but its where my dogs jump on me she then said i should have an ultrasound and they picked it up straight away and took a biopsy even before the results had even been sent off. Had the dogs not jumped on me i would have been sent away with a ticking time bomb inside me. Very scary.

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Radiotherapy is generally well tolerated…i didnt have a single side effects from 15 sessions …everthing looked and felt the same …even 4 yeats on…just make sure you talk it thru with your team so you can make an unformed choice about your options…i was told that radiotherapy is the braces to the belt of other treatment…i need to know ive done everythong possible to reduce my chance of getting secondaries…but not everone is the same…i get that…just want you to be very sure of your decision…before its too late to have Radiotherapy…take good care


My problem is its on the left side and could potentially damage my heart :heart: its such a massive decision i want to do the right thing but also dont want to damage my heart if it was on the right ibqouls go ahead.

Hello ravenspoint.

I am very sorry that you have been diagnosed with BC and also are at this point where you have to make decisions about treatment plan.
My BC was hormonal so different to yours regarding medication, yet I too had OP and radiotherapy and it was on left side.
As @cat15 suggested, do talk everything with yur team in order to make your choices.
I wish you all the best on your treatmen.

Welcome to the forum @ravenspoint

I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis but glad that you have reached out here. It’s no wonder you feel scared, and I hope you find the support you’re looking for in the forum.

Please know that our nurses are always here to talk things through on 0808 800 6000.

We’re thinking of you,