Triple Negative - now Secondaries

Just wondering if anyone can give me any info. I had breast cancer 4 years ago it was triple negative and I had surgery, chemo and radiotheraphy. Last year I wasn’t feeling well and it is back as secondaries - tumours in the nodes on my neck and one under my arm. I’ve just finished 8 months of chemo on doctaxeral and my latest scan showed that the tumors on my neck have shrunk, but a small one has appeared on my trachea - the consultant has said its nothing to worry about as it is very small and he is happy with the results.
The tumour under my arm has changed characteristics with some of it turning to normal tissue but it is still there.
At the time of diagnosis it was all a bit of nightmare as the doctor dealing with me had told me there was nothing wrong and it was only because I insisted they check my neck because of something the GP had said that it was diagnosed.
I guess now I am having time to think all the questions are starting to surface so if anyone can advise me if they had nodes on neck effected would be good to hear from you or any general advice that you think may help.

Hi Jacs

Sorry to hear about your dx. I have just been dx with new primary first time 2 years ago both Triple Negative just waiting results from SNB.
I dont know anything about neck nodes sorry but just wanted to say hello and send big hug to you.
Best Wishes hope you get some answers soon


Hi jacs

i also never had neck nodes involved but have had bc 3 times… First was hormone pos, then tnbc in other breast 3 years later followed by tnbc recurrnce to chest wall 2 years later. I had a lumpectomy and rads each time, but also had chemo for both tnbc first was 8xE-CMF the last time was 6xCarbo&Tax.

i think some neck nodes can be removed depending on where they are and if they are near major blood vessels or nerves but think mosly they are managed purely by chemo.

glad things are shrinking… Hope it disappears completely.

Lulu x