Triple Negative recent diagnosis

Hi all,

I’ve not had a great experience and now feeling very low.

I went to a private doctor to rush myself in after finding a lump - have moved back to the NHS after finding out the cost of treatment. Went to hospital today and the private surgery hadn’t sent over any results to the hospital - no scans/nothing. So that’s holding things up.

Found out on Wednesday its Triple Negative - doctor didn’t say anything just emailed me a sheet of results which I had to google as they didn’t respond to my emails.

Feeling a little low - back in hospital tomorrow to find out if this thing has spread and I think it has because I have so many aches and pains.

I love this forum and reading all the positive posts - it gives me a tiny ray of hope.

Do things feel more…fightable… once you have a treatment plan?

Any encouraging words would be greatly received.

Thank you,



finding out about the cancer and then being moved around from one clinician to another is a lot! Please do not make any assumption re things being spread- we all been there- every pain feels like a cancer after the diagnoses.

it does feel better , when you got some plan. For me the struggle was with the decisions i had to make(what surgery, chemo or no and ect), but one step at the time… Talk to breast cancer now nurses too please - they have been amazing and so helpful.

take good care and best luck tomorrow! xx

Hello SJ

So sorry you find it you’re finding yourself in such an awful position at the moment but you have really come to the right place we’ve all been there and now we’re there for you and some lovely people on this site and I’m sure that you will get a some reassuring news 

Hopefully tomorrow when you return to the hospital they’ll have a more outline plan for you of where you’re going, just to email you sheet of paper is really just not good enough, I am hoping your Breast Cancer nurse will be available to help you understand your results and take you to the next stage of your treatment.

 I wish you well, maybe let us know how you are getting on

biggest hug Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: