triple negative - recurrence immediatly


I’ve diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in Dec’10. I had wide lumpectomy with auxiliary clearance. 8 out of 20 lymph nodes were involved. After surgery, chemo was started. total 16 cycles has done, 4 cycles of AC after every three weeks and 8 cycles of Taxol every week. in 10th cycle, i found a lump in same … and this is cover all my … within 2 weeks. Then Trucut biopsy, CT Scan Chest -whole abdomen and Bone scan advised. now it is confirmed that this is locally recurrence. can anyone tell me how this tnbc recurrent during chemo? and what is the next step. Doctors say the size of tumor is too large so first we changed the chemo then go for surgery.

Is anyone here whose tnbc recurrent immediately during treatment??

hi aroma i had recurrence in skin half way through fec and tax regime its horrible isnt it? it produced as arash so had radiotherapy that helped but now have more recurrence in the form of small lumps popping up all over and soon to start different chemo, try not to despair i dont know why some of us have this so quickly i hope they sort this for you soon love rachel x

hi again also want to say there is a thread triple negative recurrences/secondaries and all us tn ladies post there too they are a great support x

Where is triple neg recurrence thread for secondaries please - is it under triple negative ?
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Here is the link.

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