Triple negative secondary breast cancer specialists

Hello everyone. I have just been diagnosed with secondary TNBC in my lung and one node. I am interested to know if there are any specialists out there in the UK for this type of cancer. I have every faith in my doctors but I do like to check all avenues. I have yet to start treatment. I am being tested for a trial study but should I not qualify I would like to make sure I am going to receive the best option available to me. TIA

Dear Anneliese

You will probably get more response and support if you post on the I have secondary breast cancer section of the forum.

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Hi. I have just been diagnosed the same with two spots on my lung. I have been advised on doing carboplatin. I didn’t meet criteria of a new trial called pakt. How are you doing?

Looking for advice on any drugs if treatments that anyone has had …my niece just been diagnosed with brain matasses…she had tnbc last year and everything looked positive …unfortunately in the last few weeks she became unwell and eventually found out it had spread to her brain …her Neuro surgeon has advised against surgery … looking for any help or advice on what to do next x