triple negative

triple negative

triple negative I have been told I am ER, PR and HER 2 negative which means that there is nothing I can be given after treatment to prevent bc returning. If there is anyone the same it would be good to talk to someone to see how you feel about this. I can’t seem to find any information and looking through posts can’t see any about it. Hope to speak to someone soon.

Love Lisa

Hi Lisa You can view recent threads containing relevant discussions by typing ‘triple negative’ into the ‘search’ box in the top right hand corner of your screen.

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Yes Hi Lisa

There are a lot of us who are triple negative. (probably between 15-20% of everyone diagnsoed with breast cancer.) I was diagnosed in October 2003 and have been trying to raise the profile of triple negative breast cancer for the past two years. Its an uphill struggle! I have co authored an article which is appearing in the Breast Cancer Care Winter News which has just been published. The other author is Emma Pennery who is BCC’s nurse consultant. I have been trying to persuade BCC to publish a separate leaflet on triple negatives for a long time but no success yet.

I have learned quite a lot about triple negative bc, some of it is in the article so hope you can get hold of it.

Also there’s another website with a specific triple negative forum. You can also contact me personally through it. Its on

It is scary having no safety net after treatment has finished and it is the true that triple negative breast cancer is more likely to recur in the early years after diagnosis (but if you get through the early years its then less likely to recur.) Chemo works better on triple negative tumours.

Many factors though affect prognosis…not all triple negative breast cancers are the same…grade of cancer, lymph nodes etc all affect prognosis so the picture is complicated.

I am well three years after diagnosis and I had a lot of nodes with cancer.

Do get in touch through the other site if you want more information.

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‘Winter News’ as mentioned by JaneRA will be available to download/order very soon from the website or helpline on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Thanks for highlighting this JaneRA.

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Hi Lisa,
I’m also triple negative so was interested in your post. I was diagnosed with grade 3 BC of over 3cm back in July. I had a lumpectomy followed by six sessions of FEC. One more to go then its 25 of Radio therapy. This is the only effective treatment in my case. I’m told the hospital will keep a close eye on me after all this but that is all that can be done.

I’m also triple neg. Hi Lisa, I’m also triple neg. Was dx dec '03 with a 2.4cm, grade 3 with one lymph node involved.Feel I’m doing my bit by going dairy free.It certainly hasn’t done me any harm as I feel fitter and have more energy than pre bc days.

Hi Lisa Join the ever increasing group. I was dx in April this year, grade 3, 4cm tumour, considered to be *average* size. Had WLE and partial excision of nodes, all negative. Then onto 6 EC chemo, and have just finished 15 rads. It’s seems like a long road when you start treatment, but looking back now it doesn’t seem so bad.

Look forward to reading Janes in the near future.

Take care Lisa, best wishes for your treatment


Me too I to am triple negative,and also diagnosed in july.

i have a lot of lymph nodes involved,im on FEC chemo,and shortly about to go on Taxotere. Im still in shock in a way,that i have breast cancer,as apart from finding a lump im feeling realy well…

I have gained so much knowledge since being diagnosed.not from the doctors,from this forum…and i to am concerned about the lack of the 'after treatment drug safety net…but i think we all,whether we can have drug treatment or not,have to go through the ‘at risk stage’ at some point…as jane said ours appears to be the first 2 years…for others after 5 years…

Im half way through my treatment now,and do still have my worry days,but when i think back to july when i was a jibbering wreck,im stronger now and dealing with it in a much calmer way…

julie xx

Thanks everyone for your replies, it is reassuring to meet other people in the same situation especially those who are post treatment. I also have alot of lymph node involvement, haven’t had surgery yet so not sure how much. I have just finished chemo and surgery is on the 5th. It is so encouraging to hear from you all, I will have a look at the site you recommended Jane. Thanks again

Love Lisa

To Josyemarie

Sorry I meant to put this in last post. I too have given up dairy but still have times when I find it hard and wonder if I am doing the right thing but I did get through chemo really well and my skin looks better even with the chemo so i do wonder if I can feel this good now surely I will feel great when treatment is over. Have you given up meat as well, I eat fish and chicken and have gone totally organic. Would love to talk to you more about this.

Love Lisa

triple negative Hi Jane, just picked up your post, whilst looking for info. on triple negatives,
I have spoken to helpline who are sending me a copy of your article, and would welcome any further info and help such as diet , supplements etc.

I was shocked to read I had a greater risk of it returning early , but felt slightly reassured by your good news of being well 3 years down the line. I hope you are still feeling fine and enjoying our lovely spring
Very best wishes
Many thanks

Val (ruffyp)