Triple Negative

I am triple negative and would like to hear from others.

You are not alone-there are quıte a few us on here :).Tell us a lıttle more about your dx and treatment so far.I am 66 and had grade2 tn idc ın Oct 2006.I had WLE,chemo and rads and so far so good.Looking forward to hearıng from you.

Hi there, I’m another triple negative, Dx in Feb 09, chemo, then mx, then rads. Now back at work part-time. Keep posting and good luck.

Hi horace and RhodaBee nice to hear from you both. None of us want to have this disease but it is nice to know you can talk to someone in the same boat. My BC was just very small in the tissue in the breast in a six o’clock position from the nipple. I had chemo first as I noticed something was wrong as my armpit was hurting. They found cancerous cells there. I have had 3 treatments of Epirubricin (hope I have spelt this correctly) 3 (one dose two weeks straight) with a two week break of CMF, operation which found 3 out of 18 lymph nodes active. I had a few live cells (which sounds a bit scary)and they just want to be precautious so am having 3 x Dx a little bit disappointed as I am going to lose my hair again but never mind. After this will have rads possibly 15 but this will be discussed. Anyone had chemo first not really come across many. Also there doesn’t seem to be very much info besides having chemo with triple negative.

Looking forward to hearing from you both.


I’m Triple Negative too.

Was dx July 09, mx, 8 cycles of Chemo & then 5 weeks of rads. I find out next week if I need more chemo.


Me too, but I only got the diagnosis last week, and don’t know what treatment I will have. (had mastectomy 8.4.10) and will the onc next Monday.
All the best to all of you.

me to just find out i have tnbc i have 8 cycles of chemo to do had one having my next one this friday coming. went to see my onc yesterday i said i cant feel my lump any more see had a look and feel and said thats a good sign the chemo working so it was reduced on first cycle my lump was 5cm a size of a apple is that right not sure? that what ive been told i know it was big a hurt like hell. has any one have a lump reduced on first cycle ???


I’m another triple negative. I was diagnosed in Mar 09 with 6cm, grade 3 IDC. Had a mastectomy first then chemo (3FEC+3TAX)and 15 rads. Now passed the first anniversary and feeling well.

I’m triple neg too. Diagnosed Oct 09. Mx Oct 09. Finished 6 cycles of chemo (FEC) on 12th March. Been spared Rads though, so I’m done apart from regular checks.

Hi Ladies,

DX July 07, tn, 5cm lump (but not like an apple!! More like a flat disc shape…) and lump under my arm, so obviously nodes were affected. Had chemo first, 4 x EC and 4 x Tax, then mx in Feb 08, found 2 nodes had been affected, but all cancer cells there dead. Also had immediate recon (implant). The lump shrank quite quickly during treatment, only 1mm (pin-head) lump left when removed. Had 25 x rads. Did REACT trial, taking non-hormone drugs for 2 years, finished this March. So far so good, still clear, and fingers crossed.


hello shannon are you also triple negative? is any one having genetic testing?

I was tested in April, told the results would take four months.

I am triple negative, grade 3.

ALso a BRCA1 carrier, so will be having risk reducing surgery, as I cannot continue to live with the huge risk.
good luck to all

Hi all
I am triple neg to. Dx April 08, Grade 3, 4cm lump. Had chemo first, 3 fec and 3 tax, then WLE, SNB (nodes clear) and 23 rads. Chemo worked and lump reduced to almost nothing, but had breast reduction at same time as wle. Been to hospital today for mammo, and good results. Spoke to doc about concerns over being triple neg, but there are lots of us out there and stats are good.
Good luck to you all and will keep an eye on this thread.
Deb x

Yep, I’m another triple neg. Dx Jan 09, Grade 3, 4x EC,3x TAX,which shrinked lump from 2.7cms to 1.6cms after first dose. Had a lumpectomy,only about 2mm left,then rads.
I did freak out abit when I first discovered I was TN but now I’m glad not to have to take any more tablets. Not due to see anyone until my first mammo in September.
I’m back at work on a phased return and have been having physio for past few months for tendonitis in shoulders and general tightness in muscles in neck & back. Anyone else suffered with this since treatment ended?
Debs, lovely to hear from you,really glad your mammo went well.If you’re ever in London…still haven’t done a Duck tour!

Take care,
Love Little H xx

hi all!
I am another triple negative, dx sept 09, WLE oct 09, 2.5mm lump, 14 nodes removed all clear but the senitel one wasn’t. Had 6 lots of TAC chemo then a five week break, halfway through 15 rads plus a boost, then thats me done. Feel a bit worried about no follow on treatment but im sure i will get my head round it. Have also been dx with lympheodema and nerve damage to left arm so waiting to see therapist for that.
Hope you ladies try all the therapies that are offered, I went to a Look Good Feel Good day at Exeter Force centre, it was brilliant, also having massage treatments at same place, realy de-stressing!
Good luck to all

i too am another triple negative lady was Dx with grade 3, 1.9cm IDC in april 09 and had WLE and SNB… no nodes but extensive LVI then had epi-cmf chemo and 25 rads.

i also had ER positive cancer 3 years before that when i was 37 and was tested for BRCA then but came back negative.

but when i got the new primary i was rechecked in oct for the BRCA genes and found to be BRCA 2+ve in January.

mandy i went to a LGFB day after i started chemo and found it really good… would def recommend it… hazel and i also went to one of the BCCs young womens forums which was great too as most people who have are younger so if your under 45 i would recommend that too.

like most of you i was shocked when i was first diagnosed as TNBC… but now gotten used to that and just live for the moment.

Lulu x


Billiegirl, yes I’m TN, but no genetic testing as in my case nothing to do with genetics.

And I can also recommend the LGFB sessions, I had a great time at the one I went to, after chemo had finished, it was the first time I noticed my eyelashes growing back and it was fab!!

Take care ladies

sorry ladys wot does lgfb mean i have chmeo brain here ?feeling down today had to shave all mt hair off tonight :frowning:

It’s Look Good Feel Better.

Fab wee afternoon out messing about with makeup & you go home with a lovely bag full of goodies! :o)

Awww…the shaving of the head is difficult isn’t it? No matter how prepared you think you are it’s still one of the toughest things when it does actually happen. Took me a few days to get over the loss of my hair, but I surprised myself in that it didn’t bother me at all after that! I went out baldy quite often & ditched the headwear totally when I had enough fuzz to keep my noggin warm!