Triple negative

Hi i was diagnosed last yr with breast cancer,had lump removed no nodes effected had chemo, radiotherapy, unfortunately it has come back as grade 4 and been told its in ,lymph nodes and on chest wall… Was also told its incurable restart chemo on Friday x

Hi white feather , so sorry to the b****r has reared it’s ugly head again. There are lots of us in the same boat - mine is back in the chest wall too! Join us on triple negatives recurrence thread & you will get lots of support & advice, there are some really fab ladies on that thread. Give it ago, what sort of age are you?
Hugs and we are here for you

Hi whitefeather and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and information you have here please feel free to call our helpline, our team can also point you to other sources of support such as our ‘One to one’ service where you can be ‘matched’ to someone in a similar situation to you, you can read more this and other support here:

Our helpline is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

You may also find the BCC ‘Recurrence’ information useful to read, here’s the link:

Take care

hi White feather
so sorry to read ur news- tnbc can be a real nightmare. As jo says, there are lots of us on the triple neg recurrence/ secondaries thread, of all ages on various treatments+ with various mets. My tnbc recurred immediately after chemo in my skin + chest wall. I too am dealing with spread in nodes. I think u mean stage 4 not grade- stage 4 is incurable but lots of ladies live for many years as it can be very treatable. What chemo are you having? Fingers are crossed 4u :slight_smile:
tina xx

Hello White Feather
So sorry to hear it’s come back.
I’m where you were a year ago - I’m also tnbc, had lumpectomy, clear margins/nodes, currently having chemo to be followed by rads.
What we all dread to hear is recurrence.There are no guarantees are there?
Good luck with your treatment.

hi whitefeather, am so sorry you have recurrence but please join us on the thread mentioned u will get lots of support from us fellow tnbc ladies hugs to you xxx

Really sorry you have had a recurrence ,its what we all dread .I am triple negative too life is so unfair isnt it. I am sending big hugs out to you xxx

Hi White Feather

So sorry to hear your news. I was diagnosed this summer with a local recurrence after 3.5 years, also no nodes at original diagnosis. It doesnt appear to have spread but as my oncologist says there is still a 10/15% chance that it has I am having a couse of CMF chemotherapy.
I ma so sorry to hear that yours has spread further and I wihs you well.


Sorry to hear of your new diagnosis. I recently had a recurrence of TNBC in my chest muscle lymph nodes following negative nodes at diagnosis 2 years ago and Epi-CMF Chemo. Had surgery last month to remove the affected chest nodes and a partial auxiliary clearance (aux nodes still neg). I have been told that it’s only considered by my unit as stage 2 although have read many things saying it’s a stage 3 but as it hasn’t spread elsewhere in my body it’s not stage 4. Starting taxotere and carboplatin on thursday. This is my third diagnosis as also had a hormone positive cancer 5 years ago in the other side.

Sending love and hugs xxx

Lulu x

Hi all sorry to hear your news that it’s spread I’m nearly 2 years since diagnosis was told I was double negative. Don’t kno if it makes any difference but no further medication. I’m going thru loads of problems n wonder what I should look for. How did u kno it had gone to your chest wall what r th symptoms of reacurrance ? I live in York n they don’t do any tests unless your gp asks . Hope your all getting lots of support xx

Hi Rozita
Were you her2++ but hormone neg? Im assuming thats what you mean by double neg?
My symptoms were a rash on recon and an itching sensation inside the recon. Now that it has spread more extensively in the chest wall, I can feel lumps and it is also tight and painful. Thats where everything started but Ive since had spread in nodes and can feel them at my collarbone and neck.
I would say not to panic but if you have any unexplained symptoms that you are worried about, that last at least a fortnight or so, then go to your gp and request a scan.
All the best
Tina x

hi i saw a news article about a new treatment for breast cancer that someone had posted on their page. the lady had had cancer quite a few times and the tumours were treated under anaesthetic. i would like to read the article again to tell my oncologist but i cant find it. can anyone help? thank you

I was diagnose on Jan 28 2011 with TNBC, I had a mastectomy followed by 4 x FEC and 12 taxols, I had no node involvement. It finished chemo 6 weeks ago and am now back at full time work!! I had my first tumour marker test last week since finishing chemo and get the results tomorrow, as you can understand I am terrified!!


not sure why they are putting you through the trauma of tumour markers… they arent very effective indicator of cancer unless you have known secondaries where is can monitor better… but if you were node negative the its not really much benefit and only really leads to stress while waiting for the test and the results… its not normally done in primary cancer and isnt indicated in the the nice or sign guidelines.

maybe worthwhile having a chat with your onc about his reasons for requesting it.

cant believe your back at work full time 6 weeks after your last chemo i was still flat out after my last e-cmf 2 yrs ago.