Triple negative

Hi I’m Karan 42 recently had masectormy off left breast limp nodes were clear, I will be staring chemo in next couple weeks. I’ve been reading on the internet about triple negative breast cancer, and it has scared me. It wasn’t very positive on serval rates, could someone make me feel more positive with there story’s

Hi Karan, if you look on the main board you will find several TN threads with lots of support and long time survivors, the secret is to try and stay away from googling, I know it’s so hard not too but it really does you no good! We have all scared ourselves witless at some point by doing it but here you get first hand experiences from those going through it and not just statistics! None of us want to be in this club but we are all here for each other no matter what and I hope you find it as invaluable as I have Xx Jo 

Thanks for reply. I will stop. I started looking it up as I found the doctors don’t really tell you much. So looked for my self but yes scared myself so no morex thank you jo x

Hi Karen my name is Samantha I’m 34 yrs old with 2 kids age 15 and 13 and I just got married last year. So I want to be here with my kids and husband. So after I found out i got TNBC. I don’t know why cuz none of my family have breast cancer or any other cancer. I’m the 1st one have to going through this cancer without any information. So I got online and do research and the more I know about TNBS I’m scared. But then I got on the phone with my client and she put me on the phone with her friend name is Kim. Kim told me that her mom has TNBC 22 yrs ago and now she is in her 70’s. So there are HOPE. Stay strong and postive. I found out I got TNBC on November 5 and lumpectomy on November 18. Now I feel better n healing. I drink only green smoothie and eat chicken vegetable soup. Avoid sugar, coffee and caffeine. Eat healthy n walk everyday for 30 mins or more.


God bless 



Thanks for your reply, has made me feel more positive, I’ve started chemo now which have to say not made me feel to bad, I’m the first in my family too. Stay strong yrself Hun and will be praying for you too. Xx

How is your chemo going .
I’ve only been diagnosed weds with triple negative, I’ve now stopped googling as wasn’t doing me well.
I’m awaiting appointments to start my chemo soon

Im scared with you …