Triple negative

Any trip neg lumpectomy folk out there from the Newcastle area? X

Hi Rachel, I’m TN too, but not from the Newcastle area. I wondered if you might get some responses if you put this post on the TN thread (Just Diagnosed section) x

Thank you. I will give it a try x

Hi Rachel im from Newcastle TN finished my treatments back in January so now officially NED were you wanting some advice re treatment in our neck of the woods x

Thanks everyone! Hi Mishy. I don’t exactly know what I am after :confused:
I have finished chemo and surgery and am a week into radio. I haven’t joined any groups and have only now started feeling ‘lost’. Was kinda hoping someone local would know anything bout maybe buddying up if such a thing exists. X

Have you been to our local Maggies at freeman hospital they are doing where now courses for people who are finished treatment and feeling a bit lost you should pop in and have a word the course is over 7 weeks i hsve just finished one a few weeks back and found it really helpful some of us are meeting this Friday coming fir a catch up which i think is lovely that we will keep in touch itsa pretty daunting feeling as well as a celebration finishing treatment how have you been through it all x

Rachel im sure you will get so much from attending one of these courses i felt exactly the same as you did lost as did many of us on here wbo ate all lovely by the way and the ladies from my where now group are lovely too and we have decided to have meet ups as we have kind of bonded through our something in common a couple of the ladies had different cancers in the group as well as those with bc its just good to speak to others who know how you feel and what you have been through i hope that helps xx im on here not as often now but still look in on everyone if you need a chat x

Thanks Mishy. I have read about all the amazing things Maggies do. I looked at their programme and there is so much I would love to get involved in. I am still having horrendous toilet issues from chemo so am wary about committing to anything as I have no idea what each day is going to bring :confused:
It sounds great that that course has helped you to form a group :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you are still having toilet trouble from chemo Rachel jts awful when SE drag on hopefully it will settle soon and you can get doen there are you having your rads treatment at freeman its literally just across the way from radiotherapy unit you should pop over and speak to them they might be able to arrange something i have seen a physiologist there as i went through a very difficult time during treatment and they were fantastic x

To add to that Rachel there ate always people around to chat to there also if you just need to offload so to speak as well aa everyone on here x