Triple positive and success stories.


I’m new to the forum. I was diagnosed with dcis triple positive, multi focal with one know node  b/c in September last year. Due to the her2 component, I have started neo adjunctive chemo. I am in Australia and completed a/c x 4 and 9 of the 12 weekly paclitaxol to date.

my question is in relation to the possibility of a pathological complete response being triple positive and did it take until the end of treatment to have a complete radiological response. Has anyone experience this? Although I’m looking forward to surgery and having the cancer gone, I am nervous at the idea of going through the diagnosis phase all over again.


Welcome to the forum Sue .You could maybe try posting in the chemotherapy section to see if anyone has any relevant existence to share ? Good luck with the rest of your treatment .

Hi there, I was diagnosed with triple positive invasive ductal carcinoma and high grade DCIS in January 2021. I had 18 months of treatment - chemo, mastectomy, Herceptin & Perjeta for 12 months and am now on hormone therapy for 10 years. I have been told that my risk of recurrence is now very small because of all the treatment I had. All my cancer was removed when I had my mastectomy (2 years ago) and the rest was all to stop it from coming back. So, I do consider myself a success story - I hope that helps. All the best with the remainder of your treatment.