Triple positive!

This Rollercoaster started in early April. I am a 32 year old mom of 2 so breast cancer was the last thingbon my mind! I went to the doctor for a large lump in my left breast it’s been there for about 3 years and originally I just thought it was a cyst and ignored it for a long time. The doctor felt it and agreed I needed a mammogram. Went in for the mammogram and there was a suspicious mass so they performed an ultrasound that day. Results of mammogram and ultrasound was BiRads4 and needed biopsy. Biopsy was done April 28th and I received the results the next day! Infultrating Ductal Carsinoma grade 2 with a 3.6cm mass. About a week later I received the hormone receptor status and the mass tested positive for estrogen, progesterone, and her2. I already had an appointment with the surgeon and she informed me I will need chemotherapy prior to any surgery due to the her2 status so she’s referred me to an oncologist and I see him next week! She also said her recommendation is a double mastectomy. She thinks she can spare the skin but I will lose the areaola and nipple because the mass is so close! 

So lots of test and appointments over the next week and then I will have my chemo port Installed. Very curious about the chemo I haven’t seen the oncologist yet and there isn’t alot of information about chemo prior to the mastectomy. I would love anyone’s advice and experience with chemo prior to mastectomy. How may round and how long did it take? What side effects did you have and any tips or tricks to help with the side effects? 

I’m sorry we are all here but I’m glad we have this place we can go to help and support others! :purple_heart:  

Hi Sab28, so sorry you find yourself here. I wasn’t triple positive but I was HER2+ and er+. My lump was 4.5 cm and I had one lymph node in armpit positive too. 
I had chemo prior to surgery, 4 rounds of EC (the Red Devil) and 4 round of docetaxol. Plus 18 rounds of targeted drugs for the her2 of herceptin and pertuzimab. I had a complete response to chemo… nothing left of the tumour and then had lumpectomy to remove surrounding tissue. Followed by radiotherapy.

I won’t lie… I found chemo hard and had practically every side effect going. But it’s totally doable and to know it got rid of the cancer makes it all worth while.

when do you start chemo? It would be worth while you joining the chemo thread chat with others starting at the same time. You can then talk to others about the side effects and motivate each other to get through it.

I also found a few YouTube channels from ladies who documented their journey. Search Dee docherty


louisa Gordon 

courtney keeks

Good luck, any questions let me know x