Just read on on the Daily Mail website that TVs Trisha has been diagnosed following a routine mammogram and node sampling in the past 3 weeks. Apparently she has to have node clearance now.

just read this thread cherub, and have read more on the Telegraphs webpage, aptly one node appears to be involved and as you say Trisha is to have further surgery and possibly chemo etc.,
Think we all send her our best wishes at this very difficult time, as we all know only too well what she is going through.

karen x

ive just seen the news report about trisha and we all know just how shes feeling at the just like to wish her and her family well and send them all our support in what is a very tough time .take care trisha were thinking of you .xx lynn x

Ditto I’ve just read the report too. If you’re on this site warm wishes to you and your family. As already said we all know what your going through.

Sandra xx

Whilst I send my best wishes, I have to say that I did shake my head when the reports said she would be back at work within two weeks. Much more realistic is the Sunday Mirror interview with Kylie when she acknowledges that getting to the cafe on the corner of the street was a very big achievement some days.

I do hope that the high profile ladies who sadly develop this disease will at least encourage other women to be on the watch for symptoms

Louise x

Hi Louise

I know what you mean. I thought what is she trying to prove? Made me feel like a right lazy slob. Hope she doesnt overdue it


I too heard this on the radio and my heart goes out to her and her family. I was also amazed that it said she will be back working in 2 weeks.

I thought I was doing well only having 6 months off after my surgery, recon and chemo. It must be great if you can work through it all but some of us are unable to, and we shouldn’t feel like failures if we have to have time off, you don’t get any medals.

Love to all


I just hoped my boss wasnt listening and thinking why are you only working one week in three, Louise?

What is wrong with going back to work? We are all different and deal with this as best suits us. I went back to work two weeks after my mastectomy, & worked all through chemo just taking off a few days each cycle, and worked all through rads. At no point have I said that those of you who don’t work should go back, so why do you tell us that do that somehow we are in the wrong?

I’m fed up with being made to feel like some sort of freak, just because I felt better going to work.

Everyone is different and should be supported in whatever they feel is right for them.

End of rant


Not only going back to work is individual but also the type of work you do has a bearing on whether you work through chemo or not, I would love to go back to work but as a nurse on a ward for older people my onc has strongly advised me not to work because of the risk high risk of infections in hospital.


I would go back to work if I could but like you Linda, I work in the healthcare profession and my boss and occupation health have categorically said no. I think you are right, it depends on what you do, what you have had done and how fit you are before you have treatment. Roadrunner, I take my hat off to you for going back, far from thinking you are a freak, I am impressed!

I found that carrying on as near to normal really helped me to get through.Luckily it was only towards the very end of chemo that my energy really started to wane.By not telling any except close family that I was on chemo people didnt treat me any differently and I’m sure this helped a lot as to how I felt in myself!

I don’t know why anyone would worry if they went to work or not. I for one will make sure I take whatever time off I get offered. Good luck to those who want to go back early - you must love your job more than I do!!


As Josyemarie said, it’s a way of keeping some normality in an otherwise out of control world.

Think we’re getting away from the initial post a bit here ladies! Always good to have discussions but perhaps not appropriate on this particular thread.

It is definately fair to say that we all know what Trisha is going through right now, and I wish her all the very best as she starts out on this journey,


In the piece I read, her husband said she would be working and writing from their home. I managed to do a little bit of work at home in my husband’s business when I was ill, but what I did varied according to my concentration. Some days I used to work in my jammies.

My thoughts are with Tricia and her family at this horrible time, found myself very emotional reading the news today, it took me back to that awful diagnosis time.


Hello all,

Lorri I found it very emotional to read the news today too - there was I sitting waiting to be zapped by the radiographer and I am reading of Trisha’s diagnosis - it did bring it all back to me, and it surprised me how it hit me.

How awful this disease is, we know what Trisha is going through at this time - wish her all the best on the rollercoaster that is breast cancer.


There’s a sensitive and informative message from Trisha’s husband on the show’s website - Trisha may well find that chemo will knock her for six but she hasn’t had dreadfully extensive surgery and I hope she can continue with her shows if that’s what she would like to do. I would not like to be dealing with this as a high-profile celebrity and I imagine this horrible experience must be even harder when the press, fans and critics are wanting every snippet of news. Hair loss is just one issue that seems massive for a nobody like me, but surely needs extra reserves of courage from someone photographed at every turn. I hope she knows how many people sympathise and wish her the best of luck. Lyn

Just want to wish Trisha all the very best and to say, same as all of us, we know exactly how you feel.

I hope she can continue to work if that’s what she wishes to do, it’s a very individual thing.

Cecelia. x