Trodelvy experience

I posted back in Nov 22 as I started Trodelvy. I have been on 21 day cycles since. Last Thursday I saw my onc with CT results. Positive news is Liver Leisions have shrunk. This is the first chemo since my secondary diagnosis 5 years ago to cause shrinkage. It’s a tough regime. I have very few days without side effects but I’ve been learning to manage them. On to the next 3 month scan with more than I dared to hope for and a bit of travel planned. Of course the roller coaster of scanxiety rides again at the end of June. I hope if you are new to, diagnosis, the drug or forum my post helps you 

That’s wonderful news , thanks for sharing your experience In sure it will give hope to others . Enjoy your travels .

Hi there, I’m so thrilled for you and sorry you have to suffer the side effects. I keep my fingers crossed for you that they get easier xx what type of cancer do you have and what treatments have you already had? Biggest hugs Deb

Thanks for posting your experience. 
I have just started Trodelvy last Monday after being diagnosed stage 4 last Sept and progression with palitaxal  and then Cape.

I am triple negative and PDL1 negative so I hope this is my magic bullet.

I have been in bed for nearly 3 days exhausted which I hope is a good sign.

Does this happen after each treatment ?