Trodelvy for Triple Negative

Hi everyone, after a long wait and thanks to Breast Cancer Nows assistance I have just started Trodelvy via the early access scheme.  Thought I would start this thread to share any information, side effects etc and to connect with others on this drug as wel!

Ruby x

That’s great! How are you getting on with it? What treatment have you undergone already?


Hi Ruby,

I have just been offered Trodelvy after having had Abraxane followed by GemCarbo, the latter was quite successful. As it appears I am to be the first patient on it at my hospital I’m a bit nervous as I’m thinking the nurses won’t know much more about it  than I do. During all my treatment I’ve never seen a doctor around and nearly all my consultations are by phone. The information does go on about infusion reactions and then diarrhoea and vomiting as the major side effects. How have you found it? Can you cope with it and live a fairly normal life? Any information would be helpful.

Anybody else out there on this new drug it would be useful to know how you’re getting on with it. I feel that even though it’s been tested and approved in the States that somehow were on a sort of trial as it’s so new!

LL x