Trouble sleeping

Hi again, I would really like to know if others suffers from insomnia while taking Letrozole, and dry cough?

I can’t seem to get off to sleep, mind won’t stop thinking about stuff, often awake till 4am, like this morning, and making life difficult.


Hi Venice


I’m on anastrozole and haven’t slept before 2 any morning. Fortunately it doesn’t bother me - I come on the forum and have a ponder or I play a game which probably doesn’t help. One thing that does help though, once I decide it’s time to sleep, is YouTube. I plug in the earphones and listen to one of the videos and I’m usually out like a light. My favourite is Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing (which I used all through my treatments). There’s also a good range from Michael Sealey, linked to conditions like anxiety, IBS, overthinking etc and also Good Vibes has a range of binaural beats. Some are amazing, some are rubbish - trial and error. If you can try them during the day, they may work better come sleep time - a bit of practice may be needed if you’re new to it.


Insomnia is horrible if you’re not used to it. I found when I was younger that the solution was simply not to care or fret even though I had to be up by 6.30. However, recovering from breast cancer is another matter - you’ve got fatigue to face on top of lack of sleep. Tough if you’re working or have a busy life. I hope you find something to ease the problem x

Hi Venice

I am on letrozole and sleep very poorly.  I couldn’t say if the letrozole was to blame, per se.  I think mine is more the general BC impact and the way my mind works to magnify all my concerns in the wee hours.  I find my best sleep is on the sofa for half an hour when my other half is watching TV/working.  Somehow it is easier when someone else is awake…  Really hope you find a solution, or at the least a way of minimising the impact for you xx