Trouble with bras

Hi guys, I had breast cancer just over 4 years ago, my problem now , is, I’m really struggling getting bras that look nice and sexy, I’ve 2 different sized boobs now, and really getting angry, I’m not keen on the chicken fillets either, I know I’m probably being awkward, but I want to look even when wearing tighter fitting tops/dresses, any ideas ??

Hi Munch,


Yep, that’s a perennial problem for me too.  I wear a 30/32G so finding bras has never been easy even before surgery but now that one boob is smaller than the other it’s a bit of a nightmare!


I’ve just discovered Wacoal bras (John Lewis sells them and some of the other big chains).  They are expensive but I’ve found their Basic Beauty ones fab for slightly lopsided boobs as the cups are supportive but stretch/mould to your breast shape so no unsightly lumps, bumps or bulges.  They make them for women without such big boobs as well (and they have a sale on at the moment so they are slightly cheaper than normal) :womanwink:


Hope that helps



Hi Sharon, that’s fantastic, I’ll take a look, thank you so much, I’m a 36EE and struggle to get nice bras anyway, but being lopsided has really added to the problem.

Have you been back to your breast surgeon? They may well be able to do a little tweaking to enable your breasts to be evened up so that you look and feel better. 

I’ve yet to begin my treatment but I remember that both the BC nurse and the surgeon said that adjustments could be made and there was no time limit. Some people don’t have re-construction surgery until after other treatments which could be months or years after the initial surgery whereas other have the whole thing done in one operation. Everyone is different - so everyone should have what is right for them.

Thanks Swampy, I’ll look into that, I didn’t think they could do anything after a certain period of time ?

Hi I’m having a double mastectomy in September as I have a large intermediate DCIS in left breast. It was meant to be on 4th August but I decided I needed my holiday in 4 weeks time and I have a lower chance that the cancer will turn to become invasive. I lost my mum 4yrs ago due to secondary invasive breast cancer. Hers was very aggressive HER2+ that she had a mammogram 11 months before she died which showed nothing. This was part of the reasons I am having both removed. I’m getting quite down at the fact that I can’t find nice bras in a size 28-30 and the one I have found is a 30C which is a smaller cup size than I am (28E). I don’t consider myself old enough to not worry about feeling atractive under my clothes, 49, but I love pretty underwear sets and this situation has even made me question myself why go through the operation and just wait till it goes invasive which could be a year or 2-4 or 10 no one knows. But my son and partner has made me see sence. I’ve been days searching all over the Internet and the breast care nurses have looked as well as friends and I’ve found 1 that is ok. If anyone has any clue to where I can get some I’d be greatful for the help.

Hi Chic,


I have a small back size too and the only places I’ve found that provide them are Rigby & Peller (very expensive but best bra fitting I’ve ever had and great bras) and Figleaves and Bravissimo. Bravissimo do have some very pretty sets and their online service is good if you can’t get to one of their stores.


For immediate post-surgery bras I found Royce good (but not big enough cup sizes for me) and Macom were excellent.


Once I was able to move back to underwired bras I moved on to Wacoal after trying several others 


Hope that helps. xx Sharon

At first I was really upset when I was told by the surgeon that I mustn’t wear underwired bras. I felt as though I was gradually being stripped of my femininity. Eventually I found some bras in Peacocks that had foam inserts and so I started wearing them every day. Oh they were soooo… comfy, it was sheer bliss. I also bought some similar ones, all hygiencally sealed up, from a market stall and they were only three for five pounds! I started remembering the sheer frustration of straps slipping off, the agony of wires digging in, too tight elastic pinching at the back, all causing horrible shoulder ache and making me feel really bad-tempered. I suddenly thought “that was like torture - why should I have to wear uncomfortable underwear in some feeble attempt to try to ‘prove’ that I am sexy”? Then I thought “I am obviously a woman, isn’t that enough”? I decided there and then that I was no longer prepared to “suffer” any more. Nowadays I only buy comfy bras, in really bright colours but I go raving mad buying lots of saucy, frilly knickers to complement them.