Trying for a baby after hormone therapy

In July 17 (when I was 33yrs) I was diagnosed with er+ breast cancer (grade 2 tumours, 4/28 lymph nodes involved) in July 2017. I had chemotherapy between 31.08.17 and 20.12.18, a mastectomy in Jan 18, then radiotherapy in April 18. I started hormone therapy (Zoladex and Anastrazole) in Feb 18. I also had ovarian suppression throughout chemo to help protect my ovaries. 

I’ve been told that I should wait 2 years before having a break from hormone therapy to try for a baby. My question really is when this starts: is it 2 years from diagnosis (so July 19); 2 years from ovarian suppression (Aug 19); or 2 years from hormone therapy (so Feb 20)? I’m obviously conscious of not doing anything too early because I don’t want to do anything that has a negative impact on my health, but I’m also conscious about waiting too long. I don’t have any children yet and I’ve no idea what effect the chemo has had on my ovaries.


I’ve heard of quite a few people who’ve had children after breast cancer (and er+ breast cancer). It’d be great to hear how long those of you with er+ breast cancer waited before having a break for children?



Rachael - may be worth asking this question in the Ask the Nurses section as well .Hopefully someone will be along to share their experiences soon .???you get a positive outcome .x


Hiya… hope you’re well?

I was told I could try for a baby after being on tamoxifen for two years.
Im lucky to have two children already but I haven’t any to my fiancé, we really want to have a baby together, we had fertility treatment before my chemotherapy & had two embryos frozen. I was told I’d need to come off of the tamoxifen & zoladex for 8-12 weeks before trying but I’m on a mission to find out everything I can about the risks of coming off the medication as I had an appointment with my surgeon two days ago & I found him to be quite negative about me coming off it. Originally when I spoke to my doctor at the Marsden last year after my chemo they seemed quite happy that if that’s what I wanted there’s no reason I shouldn’t go ahead with my plans to have a baby, as long as I took tamoxifen for 2 years & after having a baby I go back on it.
It will be two years in July on tamoxifen for me.

Take care x