Trying not to freak out!

Hello lovelies… trying not to panic but you know how it is…

I was dx in October 2019 left breast, stage 2 her2+. Chemo, lumpectomy, rads herceptin… the works!

So I’ve been having some pain recently in my left breast towards the outer area near armpit. The area feels firm and tender and there are also some (what I can only describe as) knobbly bits! I did had the knobbly bits checked out last Sep and was told it was just glandular tissue. Anyway this morning I asked my gp to have a feel as I didn’t want to call my breast nurse unnecessarily and she agreed that the area is firmer and to contact breast care team.  Fortunately they have a slot tomorrow so at least I don’t have long to wait but jeez the scanxiety 
Is horrible. 
… sorry just need somewhere to offload! Feeling scared  

Oh Blackcat - I can understand why you are so scared, scanxiety is the WORST, and after having gone through ‘the works’ having something that needs checking come up must be creating super tension. You are on this though, and being super vigilant, and thats really good that the appointment is tomorrow. Was it last September that it was checked at the clinic and seen as glandular tissue ?