Trying not to panic

While is hospital I a fell and bashed my face on the side of the bed. That was nearly 3 weeks ago. My bottom lip still as thick lumps in it. Tonight however I have found a very pronounced obvious lump at the very top of the inside of my top lip. It is oval shaped, quite hard and in the tissue. This is the same side I fell on. Am tryng really hard to convince myself it is related to the fall and is not cancer. Can breast cancer effect the mouth like this?

Sorry I always make a rule mot to check myself out on weekends because there is no bcn or helpline, but I found this by accident. So any thoughts would be gratefully recieved. Dx

Hi all
Have had a look on the internet and as it it next to a trauma site it is most probably a mucole. I will still get it checked but am less paniced now. Dx

Hey Midge

Obviously if you’re at all concerned then give your BCN a call on Monday, but I thought I’d share my pre bc experience!

I fell off my pony many years ago & got a hoof in the mouth as I hit the deck! As you can imagine I had an impressive thick lip as a result. As it was healing I had quite a large lump just on the inside of my lip (just as you describe) & I still have a small hard oval lump there now all these years later. I’ve never really given it much thought…although I do actually chew it when I concentrate!


Thanks Hayz
I really resent having to panic about everything now. Trying to have perspective on things is so hard. I really hate it. Thanks again. Dx