Trying to cope with Tamoxifen

Hello everyone… I am new to this site but having read other messages I thought I’d give it ago today. 9 years ago when I was 31 I had breast cancer in my left side, had surgery, chemo and radio. I got through it picked myself up and carried on with life. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer in my right breast, had further surgery and radio and this time round I am taking tamoxifen for the next 5 years. Crikey its hard!! I think I’ve had most of the symptoms listed! Can anyone advise me if this gets easier to cope with the longer you take it perhaps? At the weekend I had the chills and was fully clothed in bed shivering, I’ve had hot flushes, headaches, I’m tired (but thats perhaps that is also due to going back to full time work) my periods have gone nuts, they stopped for a couple of months and are now back and I’ve never had them so bad! So if anyone has experienced Tamoxifen and come out the other side I would love to hear your thoughts or tell me a joke anything to keep my chin up as I’m normally such a chipper person but finding it hard going at the moment. Thanks and keep healthy x

Hi KCATSB and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you will shortly have here I am posting a couple of links to the BCC ‘Tamoxifen’ publication and also the ‘Treatments’ web page where you will find more information and support ideas :\_source=Homepage&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=treatment

Our helpliners are on hand with further support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care


Hi I have been taking it for a year now and in the first month it was horrid with loads if hot flushes at any time of the day. It then settled and I took the tablet at night so hopefully I would sleep through the side effects. After about a month it eased and I can honestly say that now I don’t notice any side effects. I have actively not looked for them though. I am a great believer in that if you read all the aide effects on the packet you will (a) be horrified (b) spend a lot of time looking to see if you have them! I didn’t read it and threw away the packet. Hope things settle for you soon.

I have been on tamoxifen since late October last year. I take it at 6pm 10 minutes after eating a banana and drinking a glass of milk. So far no hot flushes just my body temperature has gone up slightly in general. Anything else (crying, not sleeping well, etc) could be just the fall out from surgery and radiotherapy. Well that’s what I am telling myself. Someone suggested splitting the tablet in half and taking the halves at different times of the day. I would talk to your doctor.

Hi Kcatsb
If you are taking one 20mg tablet as one dosage then you could ask your GP to prescribe them as 10mg tabs then try taking one at night and one in the morning. That way the SEs may be more bearable or not as noticeable.
If that does not work then see GP.
Good luck.
Lozza xx

Hi Kcatsb
I have just gone onto taking 2 x 10mg tabs as was suffering really bad flushes/prickly heat not sleeping and headaches , oh the joys Ive only been taking the new dose for a week so its early days but I have to say flushes have subsided slightly, my oncologist also refered me for accupuncture to try and relieve the SE’s only had 2 so far with 4 to go so hoping that something will help as not had a good experience with Tam so far and been on it since August with another 4 and half years of it ,

Good vibes to all xx

Hi, I’m also taking Tamoxifen - started beginning September and aside from raging hot flushes haven’t had any other side effects. I’ve tired acupuncture and although it helped, it wasn’t enough of a positive result to warrant continuing - especially as I was having to fund it!. Having looked elsewhere on this site and others, I recently approached my GP and have been prescribed Citalopram. It’s an anti depressant but when given as a low dose can help people suffering from hot flushes due to Tamoxifen. I was reluctant to take any more tablets than I have to, which is why I tried acupuncture first, but having battled for 5 months I was seriously thinking I’d have to give up the Tamoxifen as 20+ hot flushes day and night was no joke. Anyway, it’s only 6 days since I started the Citalopram and I wished I done this 5 months ago - they’ve completed cut out all the hot flushes since the first day I took them! I feel more like me again and can face the future with a smile on my face. So I suppose what I’m trying to say is don’t suffer in silence but go an see your oncologist or GP, there’s often something that can be done to help but they can’t help if we don’t ask!
Good luck with it all x

Thanks for that kas150 I will ask my GP about citalopram sounds like a miracle drug to me I want some flushes driving me nuts