Tummy bulge after tram flap

I’ve not been on here for a while.
I had tram flap reconstruction in February 2012 and have been left with a tummy bulge that gets quite painful by the end of the day.
I’m due to have a repair to fix it but was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can it be repaired. I can’t talk to my plastic surgeon as he can be quite arrogant and never answers my questions.
Hoping someone can give me more information as have heard mixed reports on whether the repair will help

Hi Chris

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who has a similar issue via our ‘one to one support service’. Lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

Best wishes


Hi Preston girl. Don’t think my problem will be the same as yours but I had tram flap 5 years ago and I got an infection. Ever since that I have like a big hard mass in the middle of my upper abdomen. after a meal it all seems to swell and although my stomach is ok at the bottom half I literally look pregnant. Before the op I had a brilliant stomach but the tram flap has ruined it completely. I’m trying to lose abit of weight to see if that will help. Hope you get it sorted.

Hi Chris
I also had a tram flap recon in Feb 12 and developed a stomach bulge about 5/6mnths later which the surgeon has now said is a hernia. He said we will discuss whether I want/need a repair at my next appointment so I to would be interested to hear if anyone else has any experiences of this. When are you due to have the repair?

hiya all

I had a tram flap in November 12 , and I have had loads of problems with seroma, and I have a bulge just uner my recontructed breast which i dont think is normal, but the doctors keep telling me it is my rib cage, is this normal, as i did not feel it before!!
Also has anyone else has problems with the reconstructed breast which delayed chemotherapy?



Beryl my bulge is more along my scar and looks like a football by the end of the day. Like you my tummy was ok before the tram flap. At the moment I’m wearing tummy control knickers as these help with the pain as they keep the muscles held in. But wearing tight knickers all the time isn’t good for you. If I eat to much then the pain and the bulge seems worse. I’ve tried losing weight also and lost half a stone but it doesn’t really make any difference. Have you talked to your surgeon about it?
Sandra the plastic surgeon told me it would be in nov 12 but as yet I haven’t got a date for the operation. I had a ld flap also which got infected and had to be cut away so I’m also waiting to have tissue expander on that side. I got the tummy bulge about 6 weeks after I had the operation. I’m not sure what he is doing to repair it as he said it may be the mesh he put in that is causing the pain and mentioned taking it out but then that would make the bulge worse which I don’t want. When I tried explaining to him how I felt he told me to shut up. I rang his secretary up to find out what he had planned and she just said a tummy bulge repair. If I have my op soon will let you know how it goes.
BMW07 I had delayed reconstruction but I did have problems with a seroma when I had mastectomy having to have it drained every other day for 3 weeks then it started to get smaller. It didn’t delay chemo they just didn’t drain it once I started chemo. The seroma took 12 months to go completely.
Thank you all for you replys
Chris x

Hi everyone,
I had tram flap surgery in 2009 and have had 2 bulges since not long after my surgery. I went to see the consultant yesterday as the one underneath my reconstructed breast has got bigger and more swollen recently. Its quite painful when i push a shopping trolley and have pain round to the side and back. He has not told me that the breast wall has collapsed but that the surgery which would mean stitching it to my ribcage would probably not work and may cause further problems. I just wondered if any of this fits with your problems and if you had been told/offered anything different? The swelling under my scar gives me pain into the groin area. Does anyone have this? Many thanks for sharing your experiences! x

Hi Georgie
Sorry but my bulge is more in my tummy area so can’t help you but hopefully somebody else may reply.
I would leave my tummy bulge and not get it sorted if I wasn’t having an operation for reconstruction. If reconstruction goes wrong this time I think I’ll tell surgeon to take everything away and I will go breast free. I’m fed up of all surgery now and just want to get on with my life. I feel like its been on hold for the last 3 years
Chris xx

I have same proble 5/15/2016

Omg I can’t believe I’m reading this!!! I felt like I wrote it. I had tram flam surgery immediately following my double mastectomy. I am left with this stomach that looms like I’m prego. It is not me!!! I am a little overweight but this is different. When I lay down and do a sit up my stomach muscle protrudes out and I don’t know why. My Dr seems to dismiss my concern. I am very upset in how I look and can’t wear button and zipper jeans anymore! My life has changed and very depressed to see myself this way. Everything I wear with elastic just falls down to my incision area. It is horrible! Does anyone understand or have a solution???

lisavmcguire, I had my tram flap Dec 2017 and I have the same issue, exactly! I’ve been wearing a camisole under my blouse and pinning my pants to it to try to hold them up but they still fall when I get up from a sitting position. I’m thinking about suspenders under my blouse. I’m going back under the knife in about two weeks. There’s a lot for him to try to fix. I’m hopeful but I just don’t know what he can do for the bulge but I’ll come back after this one and let you know.

I’m the same! :frowning: I don’t know what to do. Every day & night are horrible. I wish I could find some kind of hope for what was done to me. What was supposed to help me!

Has anyone found any help for the pain & bulging? Please let me know. ?