Tummy upsets with Tamoxifen

I have started taking Tamoxifen this week and apart from the first night I have been woken several times a night with diarrhoea. I have also felt nauseous but have not vomited. During the day my tummy feels a little wobbly but manageable. Full of wind if you pardon the expression.

Is this normal? Will it settle? and has anybody any tips?
I might buy some friendly bacteria drinks to see if they help.

I go back to work tomorrow and instead of feeling well I am shattered through lack of sleep and to top it all in pain with haemorrhoids.( We bare all on this site don’t we?)

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hi Sandra

I have been on Tamoxifen just over 2 months and I also have jippy tum. Virtually as soon as my brain wakes up in the morning I need the loo and yes its very loose!!
I also have a vast amount of wind and gurgling all the time. I find that live natural yoghurt helps to settle it so I take 2 or 3 dessertspoons in the morning. I quite like the taste now. Also take the pro-biotic drink before I go to bed and take Tamoxifen at the same time. Am wondering if thats making it worse so am thinking of changing the time when I have the drink or the Tamoxifen. Try the yoghurt though, it helps me anyway.

Norma X

Hi Sandra -

I’ve been on Tamoxifen since October 22nd and take it at night when I clean my teeth because my cousin advised I was less likely to spend time during the day feeling sick if I could sleep through it ! So far I haven’t felt sick at all but that doesn’t mean very much - I’m sure we all react differently. It’s a bit like keeping an egg in your fridge to prevent the elephants walking in the butter - works for me! We have always had Actimel at breakfast and I know there is at least one NHS hospital gives it out for patients on antibiotics to hopefully counteract side effects.

The diarrhoea needs investigation - it’s definitely a known side effects of Tamoxifen but taking medication to block it can make it worse! Unfortunately the diarrhoea does lead to haemorrhoids - I went through tubes of Preparation H when taking pain killers after surgery - it doesn’t smell like several other products - but you mustn’t treat too long without medical advice!

Make an appointment with your doctor or phone your BC nurse to discuss your problems
Good Luck
Best wishes
Maddy xxxx

Hi Sandra

I have been on Tamoxifen for 13 months and find all the unpleasant side effects occur in cycles. My periods now come every 8 weeks and I can have 2-3 weeks of bad wind, headaches, bladder pain, bottom pain ( probably piles but don’t want to look…lol). I sometimes feel nauseous and often ache and have cramp. No 2 symptoms last over 2 weeks but they do come back. They tell me to see the doctor if I have any health worries but I would never be away if I went for all the aches and pains I get.


Thanks for your comments. I must say if jippy tummy is the only side effect I get i will be happy. I was just hoping that someone was going to say I had that and it settled down after a week or two.
It’s more the disturbed night that bothers me especially as I’m due to return to work tomorrow. I will look shattered and if people tell me how well I look I will know their telling porkies.
I take the tablet with my breakfast if it continues for another week I might change to pm to see if it makes a difference.

Thanks for all your comments



I do take Immodium on the odd occasion . so just try and see if it works for you. Not recommended long term though. My mother in law swears by Fibre Gel ( works both ways apparently). Also a reputable health maybe able to proscribe. They can also check with it’s O.K. with Tamoxifen.

Morma x

Hi girls,
i’m due to start Tamoxifen in Jan. Have just been posting on another thread where people surprisingly said they’d lost weight on it - now i understand why!!!

Hi Girls
I started Tamoxifen on Monday, washed the first one down with a brandy in celebration of not having to have Chemo. I then became very loose but put that down to having a period ( usually happens!!) No other side effects yet, hopefully none to come. Weight loss - how wonderful that would be lol xxx

You could be right Jacquie. I haven’t gained any weight yet but then I haven’t lost any either. Mind you that could be due to the biscuits…
Actually after starting that thread last night I was fine, slept all night, so I thought great but then tonight I have missed half of I’m a celebrity cos I was in the loo. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!


Hi Sandra,

I started my Tamoxifen on Nov 1st. I always take mine at night, for no other reason than it suits me best as I am less likely to forget! Anwyay, for the first 3 weeks I suffered terribly with nausea. I actually felt more sick than I ever did on chemo!! I was tols it was a very common side effect which should subside, and thankfully it has! Some advice I was given though was to take the tablet with a meal or at least a glass of milk and I did find that this helped.

Hope all goes well with you and your side effects subside,

Take care,


I’ve already got stomach problems (dyspepsia) so sometimes it’s hard to tell if cancer treatment is making me ill, or if my dodgy stomach is to blame! For a long time I had no problems with tamoxifen but in recent weeks I found that I was being woken in the middle of the night by nausea and cramps. Also I would find that at bedtime I would be disturbed by rumbling tummy and, well, excess farting (sorry, no polite way to put that). I read the forums and lots of people suggested taking tamoxifen with a meal. I used to take it at bedtime but now I take it at dinner time and *touch wood* I haven’t had any more problems with night-time stomach trouble.

Actually touchwood I have been better since drinking a daily actimel drink. 3 nights without being woken up with nausea and cramps.


Soda water has been my life saver.

I started on Tamoxifen in July and I’m only just starting to feel better. I was feeling sick nearly 24 / 7, in fact so poorly I could have just crawled in a corner and stayed there.
Wind, well, I could f**t for Britain.

I also found that I was terribly bloated, so my GP suggested getting more of the good bacteria in my stomach…much more than the yoghart or drinks can give you, so I went on to some capsules called Acidophilus with Pectin and I kid you not, my stomach is not bloated at all now.

I took them for one month and now I just take one at the beginning of the week and one at the end of the week.

I also change my brand of Tamoxifen to Novaldex D…now…whether this has helped or not…I cannot really say…some people say it is purer than the cheaper make and my BC nurse recommended it, so that is something to think about, but certainly since I changed brand, I’ve felt great…the odd day when I’m not to good, but nothing like I was.

Certainly, Soda water has been my saviour.

I am still troubled with heartburn, so I take Tesco’s own Ranitidine 75mg.

Linda x