Tumour Increase after Adriamycin


I am hoping for some advice. My wife and I are our only support network as we live and work away from all of our family and friends.  She has been diagnosed with Triple negative BC. It is not in her Lymph nodes. It was an early dignosis. She is having neojunctival chemo. At her half way point she has had an MRI. After 4 doses of Red adriamyin her tumor has increased from 2 to 4. CM (in 8 weeks)

Whilst our confidence remains with the medical team on a new solution (the initial plan was weekly toxil for 12 weeks moving forward but this is being changed) as we wait for the results of a CAT scan to ensure there has been no other areas affected as a husband partner and carer that hates seeing this happen i am reaching out to ask if anyone has had this experience and if so how or if the next plan had more luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

support the wife, glad you’ve reached out on breast cancer now forum and hopefully someone will be along with some help for you both, please do phone the number on here and also post again in ask the nurse section too A good book that helped me was surviving triple negative breast cancer by Patricia prijatel, she is a 2 x survivor of tnbc. I also followed robin roberts and Joan lundens tnbc treatment stories again they helped me. I am sorry I can’t answer your specific question as I had fec-t chemo. Do use Breast Cancer Now for all the help and support you both need, Breast Cancer Now is always here for you. Shi