Tumour markers



I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and secondary bone cancer in April 2015. I have been on  weekly Taxol for 11 months, just started cycle 12 (phew). However, oncologist has said that tumour markers are rising again -up from 487 to 583 in a month which indicates chemo no longer effective. TMs had been stable up to this point. He is seeing me again in two weeks and has suggested I go on Tamoxifen for a while to see if that will keep everything stable. I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years when I was initially diagnosed then consultant changed to Exemestane as I was post menopausal. Just wondered if anyone had been in a similar position as feeling really despondent at the moment. I knew the chemo would not las forever but it had been effective until now. Sorry to sound such a misery 

Hiya welcome to our little family and you have come to the right place for support and kindness.
I’m hoping Nicky will be reading this and reply as she seems to have a huge experience of tumour markers and treatments as she has been under treatment too for a long time like lots of other ladies here.

Yes its a real wake up call when u get that sort of result but hopefully with a good oncologist you will get the best next treatment.
Tamox is still a very much tried and tested hormone therapy and can work very well rather than the savage chemo you have been through.

George …I’m hoping that you get some more replies to help you through this but sometimes it is quiet here over weekends and its a bank holiday too.
There is so much experience here.

My oncologist doesn’t do tumour markers at all but when I see him in June …going to ask about them.
I have a ct scan in June so probably the results of that will determine my treatment. I have been on femara/ letrozole for eight months now.
Everyone has different treatments as bc seems to make its own rules !!

It’s horrible isn’t it …you get used to side effects of the treatment and then it stops working and u have to move on.
It’s all scary as sometimes when u feel quite
Well …you can almost think the cancer is gone !
And then boom it progresses when u least expect it !!
How r u getting on with the German clinic? Are u booked for August now ?

Sounds like the German clinic is very thorough but of course you are paying. Do u know the cost yet?
I assume the path labs have to keep the original tissue for ever sonewhere …mine would b twelve years old and gone past its sell by date !!! Or I suppose do new biopsies.
I read online somewhere a patient that had been to Germany and put their bill online. It was €77000 and more for maintenance visits.
George …when I got primary like u say …you do the treatment and then you know u r finishing but with this secondary …it’s on going and it always ends up the same …chemo !!
I’ve avoided it this time but don’t know for how long …but I’m 63 and a bit older than most to have to tolerate such savage chemicals.
Well hugs xxx

Hiya momo
I don’t know much about the German clinics …only what I have read but giedre here is booked for the Hallwang Clinic in August . Also downbutnotout has been and just come back after three weeks treatment so i hope either of these two.lovely ladies pick up this thread and help u out but you can private message them .
It’s very expensive though but you can’t put a price on health.
All the best with it …keep in touch as we all like to hear how this alternative clinics work etc.
Anyway loads of hugs xxxxx

Hiya again Momo
I have just brought up the thread on German clinics for you.
It’s under secondary breast cancer …treatments and headed German clinics …there is a lot of info there from downbutnotout about her visit.
Hope it helps you.