Tumour Markers

I am really worried at the moment.  My tumour markers have been below 40 for the past 7 years with SBC.  I have been on Palbociclib/Faslodex for the past nine months and during that time they have risen up to the current 280.  I had scans done four months ago, which showed no progression, and am now due repeat scans in two weeks time.  Does anyone know if other factors can cause tumour markers to rise, or indeed does your onc take a lot of notice of them.  I just feel so scared.  Xx

Hi Nanofthree


So sorry you’re in that waiting and worrying place.


It seems that most oncs in the UK don’t rely on tumour markers but focus on the scan results so I would say the fact that there was no progression last time is a good thing and hope you get equally encouraging results in two weeks.


I know it’s almost impossible to stop worrying in the meantime so it might be worth posting on the Scanxiety thread to get support from other people waiting for results. I’ll also see if I can bump up a previous thread about TMs.


Best wishes,