Tumour removal dec 22nd

In April 2016 i had a Fibroadenoma removed 45mm. clearly a big shock finding a lump at the age of 28. no family history. Op went fine. Scar is 2 inches or so wide of the top of my right breast. Has healed lovely. So when i found another lump right next to the scar of my last operation 5 months before  i wasnt too worried and was happy and confident that i knew what it was. so got a quick referral to the hospital and they also agreed.


However biopsy results came back as a complete shock of phyllodes tumour, something different and more severe. the only comfort i can take away is its benign. What scares me the most, over the operations the scars, is the fear  is whats next. so now 6 months after my surgery ill be in hospital Dec 22nd having a tumour removed. the future scares me what will happen next and will it be worse?

Hi Dantia,I think from what I have read that Phyllodes tumours are more common in women who have had fybromema already,you have been very unlucky but this does not mean that you have worse to come .Hopefully this will be your last anxiety provoking op.Hope all goes well .Jill.

Hi Dantia,

I’m 26 and like you had previously had a fibroadenoma, but in April I found another lump which turned out to be a malignant phyllodes. My treatment plan has been different to yours due to the malignancy, but all I can do is reassure you that benign phyllodes are much less likely to recur. I hope this brings you some comfort. Phyllodes are so rare, especially in our age group so I know how alarmed you must be by the lack of information out there. If you have any questions do just let me know xx

It was definetly just a shock. Ive had my op. And home resting now with my family for Christmas. Surrounded by loved ones. Which is helping. I was wondering if anyone would know whether having lumps removed would effect breast feeding in the future?

Hi Dantia,

I can’t breastfeed because of the radiotherapy, but I don’t know if surgery can change things so worth asking your consultant. Hope you had a restful Christmas xx

Hi i’m new to page i found a lump about 3 months ago last week i had an ultrasound and also 5 biopsy took got my results on thursday and consultant said it was benign but ive to go back on 25th for mammogram i also have titanium clip in my breast i want to know if i can ask for lump to be removed to give me peace off mind any info would be great

Hi Laura,welcome .Did they give you any explanation as to what the lump is ? Is your mammgram routine or part of the process of the investigations you are having ? Ladies do have benign lumps removed so I guess you could have this conversation with your doctor but as it’s a big op you would have to weigh up the pros and cons both for your physical and mental health of having it removed .Good luck Jill.