Turned out to be a Cyst!...my findings!

Hi everyone,
Just for information, i would like to inform other forum members of my experience.
I Found a large lump which was 4 to 5cm in diameter, went to the docs soon as i found it who referred me for a biopsy. After nearly four weeks of crying, worrying and a cancelled holiday it turned out to be a cyst!
My findings were a large 4 - 5cm mass on the upper outer quadrant of the left breast, to me it felt firm, oval/rounded defined shape but slightly moveable in that the surafce skin moved over the top of it, i was pretty sure it was affixed to the chest wall which made me fear cancer and also the size and firmness of it made me fear the worst for nearly 4 weeks. But i would just like to reassure anyone else who finds something similar that it may not be cancer, after ‘googling’ everything for weeks i had told myself it was either a fibroadenoma or cancer. So it just goes to show. I had a mamogram and ultrasound today, and then the cyst was drained right there and then, didnt feel hardly anything.
I have never, and i repeat never been so relieved in all my life, and my my heart really goes out to everyone who is suffering from BC, i now really understand what they are going through and wish everyone all the very best. I have been reading these forums for weeks and have only now decided to post as i was too scared to do so before.

Hi Gizzygirl
Im glad to hear that your results of the suspicious area were negative-you are rightly relieved and must feel like celebrating!
But I think it does sent a message to those in that awful situation -despite the panic-not to do too much research before a firm diagnosis. There is so much out there, specially via the web, that you could drive yourself completely mad with worry.
I found that there were such a lot of variables, that it was pretty much impossible to find a case exactly like your own.

Mind you,now that Ive had my mastectomy, Im now finding I need to know all the details and am on the web all the time !!But I can deal with it much better since the diagnosis.
Wishing you well,