Twitching eye(s)

Hello ladies,
I have seen older post on eye twitching, but nothing recently. Does anyone have eye twitching on Taxotere??
I would really appreciate any responses Thanks in advance?

Hi, yes I have had this following my second Taxotere. Didn’t notice it after the first but had it for several days this time before it stopped x

Yes, I ve been getting twitches by my eyes too, in the week after T. Mind you I have occasionally had it happen in the past when I’ve been very tired so I put it down to tiredness. X

Humblepeace - The twitching eye is related to lack of sleep and also stress can bring it about.  I’ve also had it and funnily enough I’ve had it for the last 4 days.  Oncologist recommends more sleep, which I’ve tried but hot flushes interrupt it.  It will go all by itself :slight_smile: but if it lasts more than 2 weeks it’s worth mentioning it.

Thanks to all!!
I really appreciate your responses. It does help when you know others may have experienced the same or similar side effects. Have blessed days?