Two days until appointment- anxiety monster starting to bite

Hi all


just two days to my appointment and the anxiety monster is starting to nibble a little! 

I keep telling myself that everything will be fine, I’m probably worrying about nothing or very 

little at least but it is easier said than done when faced with the unknown and a possibility that my life could change dramatically after Tuesday. I’m very grateful to you lovely ladies on here for the support and non judgmental approach and greatly admire the courage with which you faced/ are facing your own challenges 


big hugs and a massive thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown me 


Kate xx 



We are with you all the way and here are the tough pants to help get you through and we will all be there holding your hand xxx


Just take one day at a time, try and enjoy your bank holiday monday tomorrow and then we will deal with Tuesday then.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx


tough pants.jpg

Hi Kazz,
That anxiety monster has a lot answer for!
It looks like you’re doing what you can to distract yourself & wishing you all the very best.
ann x

Thanks both Ann and Helena xx 

hopefully I can post good news on Tuesday!! 


Tuesday is is our usual Morrisons day, so we’re going tomorrow instead ?? bank holiday Monday, ??