Two 'normal' biopsies and now a breast MRI

Hello everyone,

Just reaching out to see if anyone else has been in this position - I found a painful lump 4 weeks ago, for which my gp referred me to the breast clinic. That lump went a few days afterwards when my period started, which calmed me down quite a lot but I still attended the clinic to make sure.

Mammogram and ultrasound showed a ‘suspicious lump’ in the same breast, but deeper down than the original lump. I had a US guided biopsy, which was just normal breast tissue. I was told they were concerned that they might have missed the lump so they wanted a mammogram guided biopsy. This couldn’t be done because they couldn’t get me in the right position, so another US was done instead, but from a different angle.

They were ‘happy’ they had reached the lump with this but my results yesterday were still normal breast tissue.

They now want to do a breast MRI, he even mentioned an MRI guided biopsy. My consultant’s words were that this isn’t double checking, it’s treble even quadruple checking before they discharge me, and he says that they are less worried and that I can be too - but he also was very reassuring after my first appointment, and now he tells me that they were initially quite concerned. He also said that they were ‘scratching their heads’ as to why my results are just showing normal breast tissue.

I understand that there is no point in me continuing to worry like I have been for another 3 weeks, that it doesn’t get me anywhere, and I can understand him trying to stop me from doing that. But I know - it’s common sense - that if they thought it was just normal tissue that for some reason looks different from my other breast, and looks like a cancer, but is a benign lump then they would discharge me. I can only assume that they are doing an MRI because they are still unsure they have biopsied it properly.

Which now leaves me with another 3 week wait. And then if I need an MRI biopsy is that another 3 weeks?


I’ve tried to prepare myself as much as I can for a cancer diagnosis, and I’ve now sat and waited, alone, for two appointments now when this could have happened. I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking - I’m not bothered what you tell me - just tell me something definate so I know what I am dealing with.


Does anyone have some advice, or has this happened to anyone?



Hi Jules40, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this anxious time. I am sure some of our users will be along to share their experiences and offer  support.

If you are feeling worried please do call ourhelpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk you through your experience and offer a friendly ear of support. I have put the opening times below.

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Monday and Wednesday 5pm-7pm,
Saturday, 9am-1pm 

Best wishes, 


Hi Jules
Sorry I’ve just seen your post. I’ve had a similar set of circumstances to you so thought Id share my experience. I found a lump and after mammogram, Ultrasound and examination they were all graded as suspicious and ‘deeply concerning’ in my consultant’s words. I prepared myself whilst waiting for the results (which was torturous) that I had breast cancer. I was as surprised as the consultant when the biopsy came back as normal. The radiologist wanted another core biopsy which again came back as normal/moderate risk after another 2 weeks wait. They still weren’t happy or convinced by the result of the biopsies so I’m having a lumpectomy tomorrow. They said they can’t take the risk so want to remove it and examine and test it further. It’s been 2 months of hell but I am happy it is being removed and still prepared that this may not be the end of it but feel like I’m moving forward. It’s an awful time with all of the uncertainty so know exactly how you feel. Hope your mri date has been set and you get some answers soon. Fingers crossed its a positive result for you.
Kay xx

Hi Kay,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Yes, it sounds like we have a very similar situation. I’m just in the process of chasing a date for my mri,I was told yesterday that it could be longer than 3 weeks…:frowning:
I hope everything goes well for your op, I can understand your relief at having your lump removed, I think I would feel so much better if they offered to do that for me, rather than drag the whole imaging process out.
Let me know how you get on.

Julie xx

Ah Julie that’s terrible making you wait so long! I know exactly how you feel. My consultant said they could have done an mri but preferred to remove it due to the appearance and I agreed. If its any consolation to you, they very rarely remove healthy tissue without good reason so hopefully they’re happy enough for now that yours is edging on the sound of it more likely to be normal. I was told they wanted mine out asap and given pre op there and then with surgery booked within 2 weeks. Did your letter give you risk factors? Mine said M4, E4,U4 and last biopsy was B3. They said if the visual tests and examination had been lower score, they probably wouldn’t have removed but my radiologist insisted. If you look on the recently diagnosed section of the forum, a few lovely ladies shared their experiences with me who also had the runaround before diagnosis. Could be worth a look? Thanks for the well wishes, will report back. Kay xx

Not sure if all hospitals do the same Julie but my consultant (who is one of the most lovely people I have met) explained that each test gets scored a risk factor. They give it a score of 1 to 5. 1 being normal to 5 being cancerous. Each expert gives their score at a multi disciplinary team meeting. Consultant gave a 4 on examination as the lump was hard, pain free and not movable (E4) The mammogram came back as M4, ultrasound (U4) so they did core biopsies which came back as (B2). As all other risk indicators came back as likey to be cancerous they repeated the biopsy. Second biopsy came back as B3 from a different area of the lump so still middle of the road. They could have done an MRI but my consultant said lets get it out and test the whole lot. Got home by 9pm as I didn’t get to theatre until 3.30. Felt fuzzy and pain in recovery but a shot of morphine soon sorted that out. Took codeine before bed and slept from 11.30 until 5.30 this morning and feel a lot better this morning. Need to keep my dressing dry for 5-7 days and rest up. The discharge notes just say ‘awaiting results’ on the treatment plan section so will have to wait again but feel one step closer. It could be worth ringing your breast care nurse at the hospital to discuss if you have any risk indicators from the triple assessment? May give you a clearer picture. Also worth keeping on at them to see if you can speed up the MRI. Keep me Kay xx

Hi Kay,
Glad you’re ok and you feel like you’ve made some progress, at least that troublesome lump is not in your body any more and you should surely get a definate result soon. Any idea when that will be?
I chased my MRI yesterday and it’s next Tuesday…thank goodness…so hopefully results Wednesday after their meeting.
Kay, I didn’t even know I had a breast care nurse, never mind all of the info about risk factors that you’ve told me. I’ve got a really busy couple of days at work now, but I’m going to try and squeeze in a call to them. Quite convinced that my hospital are pants. Personally I would really want to know all available information about my health, it just makes me worry more when I feel they’re hiding things from me!
Anyway, you look after yourself and get lots of rest.
Are we allowed to swap mobile numbers on here?

Julie xxxx

I was introduced to my breast care nurse on the day of my triple assessment but maybe that’s because they were pretty convinced after the first round of tests that I had BC. She’s been great and a couple of times I’ve rang her for reassurance and although my consultant explained things, somethings didn’t quite sink in so she went back over them. Pleased you’ve got your MRI date thats great and your busy days at work will keep you busy. ?? I don’t think swapping mobiles on here is allowed with it being a public forum but Im sure you can PM. I think you need admin to set it up for you? I’ll investigate and see if you I can set it up so I can private message you xx

I’ve tried to message you but it seems there’s 2 users with the same name. I’ve highlighted yours and added you as a friend (hope that’s ok) but still keeps saying highlight the user you wish to message?!? Maybe you could try message me and see if I can reply. ? X

Hi Kay,

Hope you’re ok. I sent you PM yesterday (I think) but I can’t see where I can read yours?

Julie x