two pea sized lumps in neck

Can anyone help, feeling really scared as I’ve just found 2 small lumps in my neck. I was diagnosed with in 2006 and had mx and recon immediately. Got results of genetics and am brac 2, its not long since I was last on the forum and was feeling apprehensive about the brac thing but I’m really panicking over this. Not needed rads or chemo following diagnosis and on hormone treatment at present.
Have plucked up courage to see gp on thursday this wk but can’t settle, help.

I know this sounds easier said then done. Do not panic. It could be anything but it is always best to get anything that has changed on your body checked out so going to your doctors is a great first step.
Wait and see what your doctor has to say. Please let me know how you go.You did not say were the two small lumps are on your neck?

Hello shopoholic

So sorry you are having this scare. The lumps could be cysts or caused by an infection. They could also be a cancer recurrence. It’s imposssible to know without seeing a specilaist.

I’d strongly urge you to ask GP for referral back to the breast clinic who will be in the best position to diagnose you.

Waiting is horrible…hope you can get some answers as soon as possible.

best wishes


Thanks Lupin and Jane for your help, in answer to Lupin the lumps are just above my clavicle on the left side.
I promise to keep you posted as soon as I have seen my gp
take care and thankyou x

I was dx in Jan 2008, had WLE and node sampling then went on to have rads along with tamoxifen. In Oct/Nov 2008 I found 2 further lumps - one in my armpit and one in my nexk … the neck one was about pea-sized and the armpit one about the size of a cherry tomato. GP referred straight back to breast surgeon who then ordered ultrasound. releived to say amrpit one was dead fatty tissue (probably as a result of rads) the neck one was an inflamed lymph node but was told that it was not ‘sinister’ and most likely just enlarged/inflamed due to a mild cold or ear infection or suchlike … had it re-u/sed in December and it was back to normal.

Hope you get quick and favourable news.