Two week break from treatment ?!

Hi All,

Would very much appreciate other’s experience / advice!

My mum has booked a cruise around the UK in July. It has landed as such she has two options - stop the Ribociclib for two weeks instead of the usual one week break. Or she can continue treatment whilst away and possibly suffer very low neutrafils (cant spell it, but low white blood cells). 

Anyone else had a short break from treatment ? … and did it make any difference ?

Ribociclib is working well for my mum and we are feeling anxious that she stops it! Although on the other hand it is a very strong drug and it may do her good to have a short break anyway ? 

Thank you in advance!! 


Hi there secondarysister ,  I’m on cycle 8 of palbociclib and I’m usually off it an extra week due to low neuts. Oncologist not too concerned as I’m on the highest dose , so I’ve been operating mostly 3 wks on 2 wks off… your oncologist will confirm. Take care x 

Jools x

Hi there

I am also on ribociclib which I started in March. I saw my oncologist today and she said it would be no problem taking a 1 or 2 week break off the drug for a family holiday abroad. She said it wouldn’t affect anything.

I must admit personally I wasn’t planning on taking a break as I have very little side effects and have not yet experienced low white blood cells.

But on the other hand if I do experience low white blood cells over the next few cycles I would consider a treatment break whilst I was away as I wouldn’t want to get ill while on holiday.

Ribociclib is also working well for me along with letrozole and zoladex. I also have denosaumaub bone injections.

I hope ribociclib continues to work well for your mum.